Month: April 2020


Sometimes I like to sit down and watch a show that has an interesting story and characters. That show this year is Afterlife on netflix. What a kick asterisks show! What I meant to type was kickass but since my site is “G” rated, I tend to tone it down a bit.

In the picture above, I can hear Tony (played by Ricky Gervais) saying to his now deceased wife Lisa (played by Kerry Godliman)

“So, passing a kidney stone on the dance floor and shoving your heel into my toes, is not what I had in mind when you asked me to dance”

The show has so many tender moments – that to me, are teaching ones. We may never know exactly what Ricky was shooting for in this series being the writer and director, but it doesn’t really matter. Every one of us may perceive the situations and story different. I find the show charming, witty, heart moving and mostly teaching. Yes, I said teaching.

Where else can you find the word “cunt” said over and over without a new law being passed – that you can’t say that? I cringed the first time I heard them say that, but upon reflection, it’s just a word being used to further the storyline.

The show has opened my heart and soul to various life/death issues. I hope the show continues to expand on these lines in the near future.

“I have hope”, which is something I said in an earlier post.

What are your thoughts on the show?


The other day I was hiking in this apocalyptic world we are all enjoying (sarcasm) and while I am not advocating ignoring our wonderfully disconnected leaders in IcontrolyouFornia, I’m saying that if I were to go hiking, it’s possible that the scene might resemble a mini Stonehenge at some point during the imaginary hike.

Which is to say there are some very creative people that were also not ignoring our beloved politicians. (sarcasm) In fact, even though this photo might be faked, it could be located along the Limekiln Hiking trail near Corbin and Rinaldi in Porter Ranch. IF, and a big IF it was a real photo.

Even so, I find it comforting that others are also braving the outdoors amid sneers from onlookers with useless pieces of cloth attached to their chinny chin chins.

Now “The Walking Dead” which at one time was my all-time favorite for a brief spell, where zero masks were worn as everyone had been previously exposed in the world, was a depiction of a possible real world enactment of what could really happen! Come-on, Rick was saving almost everyone, in five minute increments during the show. You could count his failures and successes on your fingers and toes each episode. 

So, a mini Stonehenge is kinda cool. Encouraging. Even the graffiti below gives a refreshing feel to an otherwise Crazyfornia where you can lose your job, can’t pay bills, fink on your neighbor for not staying 6ft away, wait in long supermarket lines for one roll of paper towels and spend most of the day catching up on Netflix series and a few other shows.

I thought to myself, “I must share this” so, here I am sharing. Amazing how thoughts can become actions…(smile) 

utopia falls

Hulu. Who knew knew. OK, dumb rhymes aside, during black friday, I signed up on Hulu at $1.99 per month for a year. Since then, I have watched more than $24 of shows if I had purchased the DVDs. While there are commercials, I don’t mind for the most part. My dogs like the commercials. No idea why either…

It’s nice to have something other then Netflix or Amazon Prime to choose from. Both of those streaming services have pretty cool shows! I like quite a few of their saved series and originals. When I was browsing Hulu the other day, I came across Utopia Falls. 

It looked like most teen series, designed to appeal to a much younger crowd. Not that I’m old. No way. I’m only as old as you’re young! And while I enjoy more sophisticated offerings such as Tom and Jerry cartoons, Wrestling and Crusader Rabbit, something about the title intrigued me.

During the opening scenes, I thought, OMG! This show indoctrinates the youth of today to the righteousness of socialism and liberal left leanings. Almost like sending your kids to public school! Brainwashing. Curious to see how far they would go indoctrinating the young of today, I watched on. About 3/4s of the way through the first episode, my feet went out from under me and I hit the floor hard! What had happened, you ask?

First off, the basic story is about a future society after the world is nearly destroyed by technology and individualism. In this futuristic society, each sector or group competes in an art/music type festival to represent their sector. There is a Nature Sector, Reform sector etc, which send their most talented people to be chosen for a competition.

No one stands out, or is allowed to achieve being unique as that would upset the balance of the oneness, where everything is provided and each person contributes to the “HIVE”. They don’t call it the hive, I do. It’s Bernie Sanders and AOC socialism at it’s finest. Or worse.

Along the way, something happened. Encouraging me to continue watching. I was even cheering and now had hope for this future civilization. The contestants that were picked started questioning the reasons they were there. And why they weren’t allowed to create, enjoy life as an individual, never having a unique thought or going against the collective.

Rebellion. Starts simple. Ends with a bang. I am only a few episodes into this show, but what I see gives me hope. First, that this isn’t another show that teaches our youth to obey and comply with authority without question. Instead, it seems to be opening a path where youth can learn to express themselves, and encompass personal growth as a truth that belongs to them.  Plus the dance choreography is amazing, the singing beautiful and enthralling.

Should you watch this show? Eh, maybe. All I know is, for the moment I’m hooked. Maybe in later episodes the dangers of being different will rear it’s ugly head. The direction so far, is one of expression through dance, music and art. Which to me is about freedom and personal liberty.

I am voting with my thumb. How about you?




Where was I when all hope was abandoned?

Where were you when despair replaced your hope?

I am tired. Worn out. Have no where to turn. So, what do I do? Take the plunge and buy some shiny object to temporarily engage my tiny brain? Build something? Repair job somewhere in my house or tech bench? Take apart something to see how it works? Run in circles until I’m so dizzy I fall down? Eat lunch? In fact, have something bad for me, like a big fat juicy pork rib slathered in bbq sauce. Or a 2lb 70% chocolate bar. Maybe a pound of bacon?

What about wallowing about situations past? Or worrying about the future. Or even now? The meaning of life which we all know is “52” or something like that, still needs a more concrete base to give a solid foundation to the secret of the universe. What did I just say? Heck, I’m not even sure I understand what I just wrote.

So, the answer is…

Enjoy yourself. Eat whatever you want. Go wherever you want. Do anything that strikes your fancy. Worry. Don’t worry. Make popcorn, eat chocolate, grow rainbows, ride a bike. The world is your oyster. But always remember, there are sometimes consequences for your actions. Eat too much and you get fat and unhealthy. Go into a military NO TRESPASSING ZONE and you just may get shot! Ride a bike and maybe build up your immune system. The choices you make are yours. My choices are, well, mine. And when your choices interact with mine, I ask that nothing in what you do, harms or interferes with my choices. I will reciprocate in turn. 

Mostly, as I have said in previous posts, I have faith.

Today, I also have hope.


perfectly imperfect

I watched this movie called “Faith, Hope & Love” the other night.  Definitely a B movie. But what a B movie it was! I loved it. The dancing was kinda amazing and the story sweet and loving. It’s about a widower who enters a dance contest at the urging of his youngest daughter. Of course, he falls in love with the beautiful teacher along the way. There’s some spiritual context and a few surprise older actors that add a hint of mischief as well.

The story never loses sight of what human contact is all about, especially with the dance sequences that enthrall and delight, well at least to me. I couldn’t help the misty teary eyes that occasionally came out during some of the more romantic scenes in the movie. 

One line in the movie held my attention. “Perfectly Imperfect”

Yep. What a great thought! And of course the movie ends on a up note. Which is how I like my stories. Yes, I’m a sap and like happy endings. It seems Hollywood has forgotten how to do that. And when a simple one comes along that most people wouldn’t give the time of day to watch, a movie that’s just engaging enough…to keep me from pressing the back button on my Roku, well, that makes me happy!

For those of you who want to check it out, I think it was on netflix.

Enjoy the cool crisp night air, I’ve got some texts to catch up on…

it’s time for a Monarch!

Yep. It’s that time again. March and April are when the first generation Monarch butterflies lay eggs on milkweed. About 4 days later they begin to hatch and the tiny caterpillars start munching on the milkweed. Two weeks after that, they find a nice place to attach themselves too, and begin the transformation into a chrysalis.

For the next 10 days an amazing metamorphosis is taking place within the chrysalis. On the outside, it doesn’t look like much. But soon the butterfly emerges to live a short life of anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Feeding on flowers seemingly without a care in the world until it lays eggs and the next generation is born in May/June starting the cycle again. The third generation is July/August and the forth generation is September/October. However, the forth generation plays out a bit different as this is the only generation that lives almost 6 months until that new first generation is started again. So unlike every generation before which only lasts 2-6 weeks, the forth won the lottery.


So mother nature has once again insured that the beautiful Monarch’s cycle keeps it going for an entire year. Never becoming over populated as well.

I think I was a butterfly in a former life.

the perfect popcorn

Ever had that late night craving for a snack? One that crunches yet has an airy texture, just a tad of salt?

WOW! Me too! I have that sometimes. In fact a few weeks ago I went to make a small batch of my favorite seasoned popcorn. That’s when I discovered my popcorn maker was no longer working. Cry, sniff. Should I make it the old fashioned way, in a pot? Nah, I always burned it. So, the search for a new machine began in earnest.

I scoured the internet (nah, but it sounds good) checking various big box stores like Walmart, Target and even Ross! Amazon and ebay, along with local bargain outlets etc. I was beginning to think this was a somewhat overboard search. I mean, it’s just a popcorn machine. Could the reason for my intense search be somehow related to my childhood? Possibly. Although I personally believe my financial and living situation along with lack of funds inspired me to find inexpensive snack materials. Such as… YEP! Popcorn.

Fast forward to now… my machine was on the blink. Years past I tried an air popper. Nah. Popcorn always tasted like an incomplete treat. Jiffy POP. Now there’s a fun way to make it. However for me, the bottom always burned some. Before you say “Carl, you weren’t doing it right.” I already know I wasn’t doing it right. Heck, my middle name was “not doing it right” at the time. Still, there was something missing from jiffypop that I couldn’t quite classify.

Microwave popcorn. Nope. Too many issues and strange flavors for me. Heck, the price was right at the local dollar store. But then I started reading about various issues with the lining inside and diseases associated with it. Kinda made my head spin. So, microwave popcorn was crossed off the list.

Having a bonfire in the backyard, letting the flames die down and heating the popcorn over simmering coals. Great popcorn! But tedious and time consuming. Plus with which, summer was off limits due to fire concerns. And that was my favorite time to make the stuff!

Years back I had purchased an old fashioned popcorn maker like the ones in movie theaters. But smaller. And very cool! Made excellent popcorn with it every time. Once again the shear amount of time involved made it the subject of mostly weekends. The machine I had been using (before it went to the Great Pop in the sky) was simple. A built-in bowl, a motor that would reverse directions upon getting jammed and almost perfect pop. Decision made: 2020.

Presto stirring popper. The closest replacement to my previous maker. Does it work? Heck yes. Has it burned any popcorn. Not yet. Does the popcorn come out refreshing and light, yet tender and firm? You betcha!

In fact, all this talk has me craving a tad. Off to the kitchen. Enjoy your evening.






Had a little time on my hands this morning…

Proves the “idle hands – devils playground” theory. (smile)

…the second song

Just a Dream.

The second song from almost 30 years ago I wrote/played and Stephen Wolfe Smith sang. Adding lyrics and making the videos have been a blast! And Stephen poured his heart into every song we did together and it shows in his emotion, nuances and beliefs he held true to his heart.

Me, being the romantic song writer. Who would ever have pictured that? Not my dogs. Or my neighbors. Maybe my therapist. At least if I had one. At the time, I was too poor. Lived on Nestles Quik chocolate milk and BBQ potato chips I would get from 7/11.

Ah, the good days…(smile)

One song to go in our trilogy of recordings. The next one, well, is not romantic. I know, right? You were thinking that’s all I know how to write! Surprise! Until then…


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