While going through my tapes, I came across some really old tunes. Recorded at various locations and with different musicians. I’m trying to only post the best of these, as some tunes would give you the shakes, in a bad way (smile) and while there is a musical history factor, I would not subject your ears to it. Hopefully, as I find more of these “gems” in the rough, I’ll give them a spot here in “DINOSAUR ROCK!

Another update: I was repairing a Sony CD player, or attempting to repair it (smile) when I stuck in a CD to test the unit. Instead, I found a live version of Hologram’s set list. This was around the mid 1980’s maybe 1985-1988 or so. Almost all the tunes had parts loaded into midi with Jeff DeYoung playing a a Roland Octopad to add live drums to the sequences. I played bass, Rob Nunn played keyboards, Ken Ferrante guitar. Listening to it now is fun for me even with all the bad notes etc. It might not be fun for you (smile). We were trying to be a new style band that didn’t need to haul around a ton of gear/drums etc. Mostly embracing the new electronic midi standards and cutting edge gear. We had a ways to go, and yet I think we got closer every rehearsal. Of course we had a major personal fallout shortly after and never played out live. A very sad moment in time for Hologram. We would only have gotten better over the years IMHO. There are a few examples of much better versions of some tunes in “Blast From The Past”. These are not quite 40 years old but still qualify for Dinosaur Rock!