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the panspermia hypothesis

Panspermia Hypothesis

In the link above which explains the hypothesis much better than say, uh, me – is something scholars have been debating since the dawn of, well, debating panspermia. Just what is it and can I get one from Pandera Bread?

Starting with the big bang, which is incredibly magical to the human mind,  the expansion that occurred may have had the beginnings of dna or LIFE particles needed to seed the forthcoming planets. The big question is “how did the dna travel throughout the universe?” Well, that question might be easier than asking how did the dna form in the first place.

Meteors have traveled through galaxies, solar systems and universes, since the dawn of time. Is it possible that meteors carried hitchhikers of dna which survived the almost nothingness of space, the heat of suns and re-entry to planets, the incredible temperatures, both hot and cold? If it did, there are thousands of meteors that came from mars, thousands that came from earth, possibly seeding mars and any planet they struck.

Would that mean that all planets in the universe carry some form of dna to be analyzed? Could that mean that the life that has evolved in the universe LOOKS LIKE US? OR US LIKE THEM?

I need my morning coffee now. Just saying…



Friday night once again in beautiful smokey Los Angeles. A suburb of LA to be clear. Did you know there was a war going on? War about what? Suburbs? Have you lost your marbles Mr. Carl Jasper? Maybe. Or perhaps just advancing my current fears on the state of our nation. Suburban fears. It appears there is a disagreement between the two hopefuls running for President of these here United States. Although, that’s not entirely true. The part about UNITED.

But before I get sidetracked, the title of this post “emmetropia” means perfect or 2020 vision. That’s a superpower which in the lifetime of the United States of America, has never been endowed to any politician. One can hope. It’s like the covid joke that’s been going around for months now:

“I’d tell you a killer covid 19 joke, but 99.9% chance you wouldn’t get it”

With fires raging across the western states, smoke filling the air and for some, untenable, wild theories are dancing across the pages of internet widsom.  Here’s a clip from reuters:

California fire conspiracy theories have been around since 2018. They include the ideas the fires are caused by huge lasers, and that aliens or the United States government are igniting them ( herehere ). Business Insider addressed these theories  here&IR=T . 

The photograph on the left shows the Falcon 9 rocket launch by Elon Musk’s SpaceX on May 22, 2018, not the current wildfires ( here ).

The lower photograph in the middle column shows a forest fire in California that took place on May 24, 2018, not 2020 ( here ). The description on the Twitter post by Klamath National Forest reads: “Good Morning. Here is a photo of the Noland Fire, discovered earlier this morning near Carter Summit on the Salmon/Scott Ranger District. Fire suppression resources are currently walking in to this incident.”  

Most if not all of these fires were started by lightning. Although a few were accidental by careless humans, and some on purpose by not-so-careless humans. Before you get excited and think, “well, I’m wearing a mask for covid so cool, I can get double the bang and wear for the unhealthful air quality”. A respirator, or N95, P100 mask are about the only ones that may filter the smoke particles from the air. Those surgical masks are once again, useless. Better to stay indoors. If you have a hepa filtering fan, you’re ahead of the curve.

Me? Well, I’m inside drinking a mushroom coffee, enjoying my pups, watching a few shows, reading and of course posting my ramblings.

What are you doing?

nuking potatoes

So the other day a friend was over while I was nuking a red potato to mash up. He told me with enthusiasm that microwaves completely changed the structure of potatoes. Which in turn made them dangerous to eat. I looked at him like my dog looks at me when I’m on the phone. My Chupacabra (huge Malinois) turns her head slightly left or right when she hears a familiar person coming out the speaker.

WTF? During the explanation of the microwave danger of potatoes, the timer rang, signifying the cycle was done. Removing the very hot potato (pun!) I started prepping it for the short journey to my stomach. Which is to say, I mashed it, added Miyiko Butter, salt and pepper with some freshly roasted garlic, mashed and mixed into the simmering red potato.

I handed a forkful to my friend to try, wondering if he would keel over after taking a bite – OR NOT. Either way I had my finger on the phone ready to call 911 (uh, nope…) just in case (of what?) the newly changed potato molecules would proceed to decimate the human body at warp speed.

Well, nothing happened (go figure) and the response was “quite good! Yep, Disaster averted from the evil nuking microwave. There are some foods that change for the worse (becoming inedible) like chicken when overnuked ending up with a rubbery elastic texture, grapes that explode and CD’s that display patterns/pulses of lightning across the surface for a 5 to 10 second exposure. (Technically not a food) Please be careful if you put a CD inside your microwave. You could destroy the microwave and also start a fire. But the CD sure is purdy a few seconds.There’s that.

So, are microwaved potatoes now dangerous to eat after being nuked? Nah. In fact they can be quite tasty. As my friend found out from a forkful.



As I sit here…

Typing away, wondering if I’m the child my parents thought I would be, although in honesty, that thought is fleeting for I care more about reading the next book in the Betwixt series by Darynda Jones. Would I care more if either parent were still alive? And would we still be talking, visiting, enjoying evenings together? I doubt that these questions have presentable answers that might make sense. In one great insight, I am the result of my parents attempt to raise a child that was able to leave the nest, grow into a man (debatable) and carve a niche in the world around him. Perhaps that’s all that matters.

But the shocker is my parents didn’t raise me. Or really even try. They were too busy having meltdowns of their own flavors to care much for us kids. Yes, I have brothers and sisters, although I only count my sisters among the living now. Long story there with no real ending as well. Perhaps another time?

Currently, the RNC and DNC are having/had their online conventions – each trying to outdo the other. “They are liars and cheats” one would say… “No, THEY are the liars and cheats” the other party would respond. While I didn’t watch any of it live, I was able to watch the recorded conventions while snacking on lupini beans (yummy!) and drinking iced tea. Does that factor into this somehow? You betcha! State of mind. I was happy crunching away and therefor more inclined to be less critical. Starting with the completely unbiased search I did on google “night 2 of the dnc” compared to “night 2 of the rnc”.

When I searched for “night 2 of the dnc”, I got how amazing Biden was/is and how well the online convention was proceeding. Totally unbiased search results. Uh, right…(sarc)

When I searched for “night 2 of the rnc” on google, well, what a crock of turtle poo. Ruined my easy going attitude almost immediately. The search returned how everyone was lying, and fact check was needed on Trump and all supporting speakers – and the American public was being used for devious plans by the rnc etc. Trump Derangement Syndrome was in full swing. So, why did the “dnc” search result in glowing beautiful pages to read and the “rnc” result in spiteful, negative reactions across the board? Hmmm…

Absolutely unbiased search results, right? (TOTAL SARCASM)

So, I figured it was time to hear everything from the horses mouth. I watched both nights hoping to understand the algorithm that google was using to display the “rnc” search vs. the “dnc”.

The dnc spent almost every moment in what appeared to be a hatred of America. An intense dislike of everything American and also Trump. Along with removing “god” from places that are part of the history of this great country! From supporting the BLM movement, the riots, de-funding the police, the constant fear mongering about covid cases etc, there didn’t seem to be one positive original thought I could latch onto. Mostly negative and painting America in a bad light.

In contrast, the rnc spent time reinforcing America as a great country, it’s citizens amazing people who help each other in troubled times. Some speakers spoke with their truth, others with emotional reverence, but one thing was clear, “god” was not being removed from speeches to not offend some faction of the American public. How utterly refreshing! Uplifting as well. As I watched the rnc convention, I was humbled. You couldn’t watch it and NOT come away with a sense of pride and hope for America.

So, where does that leave this child of parents who never really raised me, shaped me and helped me to form my current views of the world?

I started reflecting on my problems and what they meant. My sisters, my friends, my neighbors etc… was I alone in the world (yep) and did it matter? And were our lives guided by an external force or are they just reflections that trickle down from decisions made thousands of miles away?

I decided to sleep on it for now (smile) as my head was exploding from the bias presented by google, a company that I had previously respected, admired even. Was I naive to even entertain the idea they would be fair? And how can companies be fair when they are also reflections of those who run them?

So I say, meh.

P.S. you weren’t really thinking I was going to say something clever, were you?



AKA Scamdemic. I’ve had enough. The bullshit we’re being put through and enduring is a crime. One that most likely may go unpunished. First a history lesson: (excerpts from WebMD)

Influenza pandemics have struck about three times every century since the 1500s, or roughly every 10-50 years. There was one in 1957-1958 and one in 1968-1969. The most infamous pandemic flu of the 20th century, however, was that of 1918-1919. An estimated 40 million people died in less than a year, and what made it so different from seasonal flu epidemics is that it killed primarily young people, those aged 20-45.

What is the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?

The CDC’s definition of a flu epidemic relates to the percentage of deaths in a given week caused by influenza and pneumonia. The “epidemic threshold” is a certain percentage above what is considered normal for that period. The normal level, or baseline, is statistically determined based on data from past flu seasons.

There are two main features of an influenza pandemic. First, the virus is a new strain that has never infected people before. Second, it’s on a global scale. Sometimes it’s also unusually deadly.

So, the big question. Are we experiencing a pandemic? The answer is yes and no. Certainly, the virus is worldwide. Unlike influenza epidemics which are worldwide. Get the hypocrisy yet? And Covid is killing mostly the old/infirm, rarely young children – mostly those with existing conditions unlike influenza: (sarcasm)

Seasonal flu epidemics may sicken millions, but those who die are typically a small number of the elderly, very young children, and people with weak immune systems. That’s not the case during the worst influenza pandemics.

While I personally don’t want anyone to get sick or die from any disease, we live in an age where they still exist. Perhaps the future will eradicate all illnesses. But for now they are here to stay. Does covid live up to killing 40 million worldwide? No. Does it stay within the ranges of periodic influenza epidemics? Yes. Currently as of this posting, in the U.S. it’s around 150k total deaths.

us_covid-19_death_toll_is_inflated (opens in new tab)

With a large percentage being those in convalescent homes and those with existing conditions. Which in a few cases the governors of certain states caused by forcing convalescent homes to take infected patients that were being treated in hospitals to make room for the millions of patients that never arrived. What were they thinking?

But not the point of this post. I can continue with all the absolutely stupid health regulations such as: Wear a mask in public, in your car, walking to a restaurant (here’s where it gets tricky…) but inside the restaurant, there’s no chance you can get infected – remove your mask, everyone at one table, it’s OK.

OR: you can’t go to a local business where there’s only a few people at any given moment, in fact they must be shut down completely! But we’re told that if we all go to Walmart (millions of us?) or Target (again millions?) it’s OK, we’ll be safe. And it’s millions because of everyone that went there before you did. Get it yet?

My absolute favorite: This is a smart virus. It knows to hide during a riot to protect itself so everyone doesn’t have to wear a mask.

The point of this post is the other day I was walking down a major street in Los Angeles, without a mask on (it was in my pocket) and there was only one other person within 2 blocks of me walking in the opposite direction – as he strolled by me he said “Wear your mask Fucker, You’re killing my Grandmother” or something like that. I stopped listening at “Fucker”

I turned and said, “Fucker? You’re the problem. You’re why all my friends continue to loose their jobs and businesses are being closed. Fuck You”

He of course, being twice my size with muscles to boot said “I’m going to teach you a lesson, blah blah blah” and he turned and started towards me. I gotta tell you, I was ready regardless of the outcome. In my defense, I kept walking to my destination. He eventually thought better of it, continuing to shout obscenities at me.

In hindsight, I don’t hate the guy for being an idiot and uninformed plus brainwashed. This whole covid mess has everyone on edge. Chances are you know someone who lost their job or a favorite shop that closed down the street. He was wrong to call me out. I am not killing anyones grandmother or even you from reading this post. We do not have millions dead in the U.S. – if we do I will be one of the first to admit I was wrong. For now, nah. Between the Frontline doctors being banned from telling the media how to treat the virus successfully, the MSM telling everyone about the new cases being added everyday (which means nothing by the way) the liberal left has sunk to a new low.

Stay safe. When I am hiking in the mountains and see someone wearing a mask, I am saddened. So by all means, follow the rules and stay away from them. And by that I mean 6 feet away so you don’t catch stupid.

David Horowitz pretty much sums it all –

Horowitz: Where’s the endgame? The media is using viral lies to stoke violent hatred

I love the end of this post…

…as Henry David Thoreau said: “Think for yourself, or others will think for you without thinking of you.”


Stephen Wolfe Smith and I

Well, the original title of this post was “no promises” – the last of three tunes that Stephen and I worked on together almost 30 years ago. Somehow, I realized that turning my post into a static page would make the songs easier to find and access.

That’s what I love about word press. Some clever programmer had done jus that. The plugin is called “Post Type Switcher” and it works! Very easy to use and takes the tedium out of even trying to do it by hand.  Nice work programmer person!

So, now at the top of my screen or in the menu section is a new page called “no promises”.

Clever? Yep. I like to think so. (smile)



Santa Clarita Diet

You’re thinking the series with Drew Barrymore? Buzzer sounds. Nope. This was a real diet not some bloody mess of dysfunctional writers trying to shock and awe the viewing public. Yes, I watched a few episodes. It was OK. I liked Timothy Olyphant in the Justified and Deadwood series. Of course, Drew has been one of my gotos for great movies! But the Santa Clarita Diet was not for me.

However, the Forks over Knives and the John Mcdougall diet was on my radar. The gist is you can eat pretty much all you want. With the exception of all oils, dairy, meats etc. Potatoes? Sure. Pig out. Tortillas with refried beans, no oil? Yessiree! Heck, eat all day long with lots of starchy foods and don’t use the brakes. This diet is rumored to give your body energy and nutrition without all the fat. Supposedly, the protein from this plant based diet is enough.

What happened? Can you say Fire Truck and leave out “ire Tr”? Never again. At least for me. I was already at a marginal weight and started dropping pounds like a drug dealer running from the Feds. By the end of a month, I was easily 10 pounds lighter. Extremely tired, walking with a hunched over body from absolutely zero energy. Geesh. Can you say Zombie? (see earlier zombie posts…editor)

What the hell happened? Did I do it right? Was Johnny Carson back on the air? The world was upside down. At least for me. In my brain-clouded-foggy brain an idea began to form slowly – STOP! Yep. stop the diet. My first real meal after stopping was amazing.  The results from one sitting encouraged me. I was able to stand upright again. For a brief moment in time, while on the diet, I thought I would be going back to the oceans swirling mess of creation and lose all those wonderful years of evolution.

If you’re overweight or would just like to lose a few pounds, hey, give this a try. If you like the weight you’re at, eating healthy, enjoying life, stay the Fire Truck away.

Another day protecting the world from Zombies…

Yes. This month is my birthday. And what better way to celebrate than with good friends? Well, since you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you.

A birthday plus Zombies. I know, you’re thinking Zombies don’t exist. We’ve been telling you that for years Mr. CarlJasper. Well, I beg to differ. Some years back, during my early twenties, a friend had forgotten to check in with me one day during his breakup with his wife. I was worried and drove over to his apartment. Yep. He was home. Just staring at a record on a turntable while it played some tunes. For hours he stared at the same record, spinning. He was for all intents and purposes, a Zombie.

I tried to bring him back to earth. Slowly, his eyes began to focus. Fingers and toes started their gentle reanimation. Eventually, he returned to the living, unaware of his trip to nowhere. I know, you’re thinking, “Great Job CarlJasper! Saving the world one person at a time.” I humbly accept the accolades.

So, this month, to hone my Zombie hunting skills, I worked on skills with my friends Scott and Kimberly. To our right, was I believe the Archery Olympic team, practicing for another competition. Pretty cool, huh? Their Longbows were probably close to the price of my truck. EEK! But hey, competing, right?

Had a great time. I tried to shoot the birthday wish best I could. Results below.


books I read

Within the last few years, I unknowingly purchased a book from the dollar store, that would change me into a better person for having read it. In fact, the book I purchased was the fourth in a 13.5 book series. Which of course I didn’t know at the time. Thus started my addiction to a charming and thoughtful way of storytelling.

Darynda Jones has since become one of my favorite writers. She not only unfolds a story with witticism and characters that spring from the pages with love and laughter, she creates a world, a universe where they exist! The fourth book of the Grave Series is where I began my journey. For a buck no less…smile!

I even wrote a fan email asking for her to make sure the rest of the series would end up at Dollar Tree as well. A polite reply saying it was out of her hands was my reward. (smile) I managed to find most used at Thriftybooks online and a few on ebay.  When I finished the series, (sadly as I never wanted them to end!) I realized she had written other books. Go figure, a writer who writes more books?

I was delighted to find 2 of her new series, one being a trilogy called Betwixt and the other series Sunshine Vicram and immediately devoured them both. Happy to say her writing is amazing even though she broke my heart when she ended the Grave Series.

freedom rally

So, today, I went downtown to a freedom rally. Yep. It’s time to open IcontrolyouFornia by the self appointed Demi gods of the economy. Newsom and Garcetti. The latter wants LA locked down until he permits the city to re-open. The former wants to keep everyone running in circles. I personally think it’s to try and damage Trumps re-election chances. Others believe it’s because they are idiots and have no idea what to do. Perhaps it’s both, hmmm?

Quote: “Domestic violence, child abuse, suicide, unemployment rates are skyrocketing. The elderly are STILL in isolation. People are not able to bury their loved ones properly. People with depression are struggling”

The list goes on. There hasn’t been a fraud this large perpetuated on the America public since “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. Look how that ended. We lost our medical freedoms. For what? Homeless people that are still not insured? Costs still trending up and health plummeting?

We have Bill Gates who is not a doctor allowed to speak and real doctors censored on youtube, facebook and twitter who disagree with the current lockdown. But hey, billionaire, right?

Well, I enjoyed going to today’s rally. I showed my support just by being there. Snapped a few pictures and a short video as well. While the turnout wasn’t as large as the last rally, mostly because I believe it’s a three day weekend and families were probably getting together etc, it was in the 1,000’s.

Video and pics below.

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