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Hillarious Response to J6

So, Elon, posts a note on twitter to Chuck Schumer:


Do you want us to remove this video?

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 8, 2023

The video in case you haven’t seen some of the recently released J6 footage, is of people calming walking through looking at pictures, picking up items that have been knocked over, capitol police escorting various viewers, peacefully I might add and even engaging in polite conversation. After watching, if you still believe this was on the level of the BLM/Antifa riots we had where buildings were burnt to the ground, shootings were the norm, and a total disrespect to the law took place – well, that’s on you. And this is not what the post is about anyway!

The responses to Elon’s post were funny – in a toilet humor way. Yes, I chuckled at Chuck. Here is a couple of replies (smile) These are not mine of course, just posts from the web.


“Thank you Elon !!! Chuckie Schumer, Stephen Co-Bear, Biden, Pelosi, Woopie Cushion Goldberg, main stream media, etc, etc, are so bad that I can’t even THINK OF A WORD TERRIBLE ENOUGH,,,,,TO DESCRIBE THEM !!! I know they don’t care,,, BUT JUDGMENT DAY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER !!! And the crooked judge and others holding the J6 citizens in JAIL ILLEGALLY,, you will have a judgment coming to you TOO !!! JUST AWFUL !!!”


“You can’t think of a word terrible enough?

I can think of a few:

BIG GIANT HALF-MELTED POOP-SICLES LAYING IN THE SUN attracting FLIES, TERMITES, and other creepy things to EAT IT ALL UP… and POOP it OUT, continuing the cycle on and on up into OBLIVION’S BUTT…and BEYOND!

What? That’s too much for you? Ok… How about.

BIG GREEN RADIOACTIVE CHUNKS OF ALIEN PLATYPUS POOP, usually ate by Martian flies, Venutian termites and other creepy things (ehh… no. that’s along the same lines as the previous idea….!)

Hornswagglers, Schnozzwangers, Raving Vermicious Knids, and Whang-dang-doodles?

Nah…..Whangdoodles… Whang-dang-doodles, are good. Whangdoodles are bad without the ‘dang’ to it…

Well…. at least trying to come up with some terrible words… it’s more fun than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!”

Well, I tried to come with terrible words as well. Not easy to do!

“Cannibalistic turkey basters, Gross mealy spider splatters, and my favorite:  ”       ” yup, you guessed it!

I’ll leave you with a few thoughts:


Biden: “Hey Ceej. Watch me color”
Ceej: “OK”
Biden: “Outside the lines..bwahahaha”
Ceej: “NOoooo…….”

Circle Back Psaki Math:
2 + 200 = “doesn’t matter.
Because Joe is amazing and
doesn’t need a brain to be awesome!”

CircleBack Psaki Math:
0 + 0 = 2 zeros

CircleBack Psaki Math:
Solve for X:
if X= ? and Y= On it
Then ?= We’ll CircleBack to that
and X+Y= equals 0

Tshirt Saying:
One day I started cackling, uncontrollably.
And thus the insidious plan to infect America
using the VP of the U.S. to destroy it’s citizens
became known.


Spell SHOP 3 times, out loud in a row.
What do you do when you come to a green light?




EV Vehicle – Yes or No?

Everyday I feel bombarded with reasons why we all need to ditch our combustion based vehicles for electric ones, mostly on “I said so because I know better then you” Yup. That seems to be the best reason given. Before you scream at me “we’re saving the environment you daft denier!” or even “it’s the right thing to do” let’s take a closer look at the impact electric vehicles will have on the environment. Disclaimer: I am not an expert in the environmentalist sciences or pretty much anything. So take my words below as a fairy tale.

  1. Strip mining.
  2. Recycling
  3. Efficiency
  4. Travel Distance
  5. Resources

Of course the above is just a small list – let’s take the first one – Strip Mining. Just do a quick search and you will find it rapidly destroys the earth and depletes the amount of lithium available. It take tons of lithium to produce batteries for today’s EVs. Which doesn’t take into account the future replacement of those batteries when they cease to function. Any environmentalists that endorse the replacement of fossil fuels based on saving the earth are misguided and are not good role models.

environmental impact of lithium mining

Recycling: There are currently graveyards of electric vehicles, mostly because it’s hard to recycle the batteries, if it’s even possible safely. Lithium can be toxic. And disposable regulations are still being worked out for electric vehicles.

recycling lithium

Efficiency: Yea, right. A word that doesn’t belong when referring to EVs. Most EVs take a full day or more to fully recharge, for a whole 100-200 miles of travel, towing is almost impossible, compared to filling a tank with gasoline and going up to 400 miles. Not to mention safety hazards such as, catching on fire during the recharge cycle. This is why most manufacturers recommend NOT charging the car in the garage.

Travel: While they don’t go very far without being recharged, they are quiet. But get stuck on a freeway during a sig alert you should either get off the freeway soon or pull over and turn off the vehicle. Hopefully, it’s not during a blizzard as keeping warm will deplete your batteries reserves, quickly. How many tow trucks will be needed to remove all the EVs that used up their charge while waiting for the sig alert to clear? How many of those vehicles are now causing a sig alert?

Resources: Well, once again the strip mining is damaging to the earth. The recycling is almost non-existent, the labor is mostly in third world countries to keep prices down, replacement batteries are almost half the cost of the vehicle. But hey, you’re saving the environment from your gas guzzler that only emits water vapor from the exhaust thanks to your catalytic convertor. Be very proud. And what happens to our electric grid when everyone plugs in their vehicle to charge overnight, while all gas stoves have been banned along with natural gas to heat your house? Welcome to the whole house electric dream nightmare!

The list goes on! But no amount of facts will deter those that believe. They have a fervor that is religious at times, reaching a deafening crescendo of false facts, designed to sway those that refuse to do their own research.

I wonder why the push to use EVs is so overwhelming, given that lithium is dangerous to dispose of. Perhaps the plan is disposal? Why not add the waste lithium, just like fluoride , to our water supplies to increase our exposure to chemicals that destroy our brains and bodies? Maybe that is the plan all along? Lithium is used to make people more compliant, fluoride was also used in that fashion during world wars in prison camps, before the lies began about curing tooth decay.  

Please don’t get me wrong! I would gladly drive and own an EV if all the above problems were eliminated.

But until then, I would rather ride my bike.


Help Wanted: No Stupid People

Nope, nope, nope, wasn’t me that said that. When you Look at the title of the post, immediately anger at the person who wrote that wells up inside! Or not. Depends on the person. In reality however, a real company posted a banner outside their place of business with those words on it. A pizzeria in Ohio of all places. The owner said that under no circumstances was that meant to poke fun of handicapped or any group that has taken offense.  So, the woke crowd took action against them, as well as the un-woke crowd. The message above was an equal offender.

Shouldn’t any business seeking new employees be able to advertise what they’re looking for in a potential employee? Sure. Even if it’s potentially triggering? Of course. In fact, some of the fallout was hilarious such as:

“The main problem I see is this potentially lowers the available pool of prospective employees. By a lot.”

Which got me to thinking. How would you determine the applicant met your requirements of not being stupid? So, I came up with a few questions the pizzeria could ask, either with a written quiz or verbal one. Does this run a foul  of any federal hiring statutes or local equal opportunity laws? Would lawyers be able to mount a class action against them? It reminds me of the questions on some job applications I have filled out in the past, that I had no intention of answering. Like “what ethnicity are you?” with the only choices being Puerto Rican, Spanish, Danish and American Indian. I never liked answering any those type of questions. Call it personal thing of mine. The companies I liked got real answers, like “other” or “not listed” whereas the places I didn’t like after being there, got answers like “I recently left Jupiter because I was a minority Plutonian” or “Goonie”.

Here are a few of the questions I would add to a job application for the Pizza place: (please circle one)

  1. True or False: chocolate syrup is given to American cows to produce Chocolate Milk
  2. True or False: The four kings in a pack of cards all have mustaches.
  3. True or False: Fortune cookies were invented in the USA.
  4. True or False: New York is called the Big Orange
  5. True or False: Candy canes were first invented at the North Pole
  6. True or False: Albert is the name of the Batman’s butler
  7. True or False: Chinese is the official language in Canada

The above list is just a beginning. Probably, at least 25 or more questions would be required to weed out prospective job seekers. If the applicant answers at least 75% correct, they advance to the actual interview! If they answered TRUE to question 1, that could end up being a deciding factor. Or not. Job requirements for a pizza place? Beats me. Hours? Shifts? My best guess is you won’t be able to work from home.

Until next time


It’s remix Time Again! “Kickstart”

So, I found another 30 year old mix of a tune that Chuck Mills and I recorded almost 30 years ago.

A lovely ballad called “Kickstart” with Chuck singing lead, me background and guitars. After I found the 8trk tape, which only had vocals and guitars on it, I searched high and low for an old midi file with the keyboards/drums and bass. I looked for a few days checking all the NAS files and old computers I have scattered about my studio.

Yep! I found an old file. Now the task was converting it to a newer format that my main recording software would understand. 

But it wasn’t going to be that easy. The original software I used called “Trax” was damaged and no longer worked. I was sure I had the original disks somewhere in storage. Fortunately, I found an old floppy disk that was working and transferred the file to my system. Loaded up “kickstart” and exported it as a standard midi file. 

With the main transfer and conversion behind me, I started the process of fixing all the notes, selecting drums and keyboards, bass and a few misc sounds to round out the tune. Also, the entire end was missing, which could mean the file I had was an unfinished version. I wasn’t going to keep looking as the tune is really a simple ballad and easy to recreate if needed. But, I had enough to work with and shortly had a working version.

After a few mixes,  I documented all my settings, saved everything and mixed a couple of takes. For now, I uploaded the second mix called remix1 which is really the second mix. Oh well, Someday I will learn how to count.

For now, you can find it here:

Blast From The Past
Scroll down to number 11.

and here:



I love this tune and so does Chuck. Although I haven’t been able to locate him for years now.  If you know where he is, drop me a note. 

Until then, enjoy.



Down a rabbit hole…

Once again I started backing up all my gear and tunes in case of a catastrophic loss. Well, I kept going as I found some old tunes that I remembered doing and realized I could take a few hours to remix some. After finding the vocal tracks on an 8trk cassette, I loaded up the midi file, fixed some notes and the drums somewhat, remixed the tune and uploaded here! “Hard to Say” located over in Orphans. 

Chuck Mills and I are both singing and I’m playing background guitars. The mix I did 30 years ago was so bad I believe I deleted it from every tape I have from that period in time. The new mix is better, but hey, it’s a 30 year tune, I get what I get. I like it. Maybe you will too!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, my blood sugar is finally settling down a bit. The food was good, the company good, and my dogs loved the food I made for them. What more could I ask for? Watched a few movies, worked on other tunes, cut down some trees that were falling over near my house and the house next door. It’s starting to get cold here again. Around 38 degrees. While that’s suntan weather if you’re from back east, here it’s a coldpocalypse!

Hopefully, the next few weeks will be uneventful (no trees falling down!) and some more tunes get finished.

Stay warm and toasty


More Stuff!

Well, I’ve been a very busy little carpenter bee. Adding tunes throughout the website, recording new stuff in my studio, mixing old stuff.

In fact, I found a tune (located now in “Blast From the Past”) called “Boy In Your LIfe” that was around 35 years old recorded on an 8trk cassette deck! The Tascam 688 Midistudio. Amazing machine. Way ahead of it’s time.

The recording only had vocals and guitars on it, plus some midi time code which I used to sync to Bars & Pipes running on a 1993 Amiga 3000 Tower.

The Amiga is another amazing piece of computer engineering! Way ahead of its time as well.  After adding drums/bass/keyboards, I did a quick mix. Was going to remix it again, but it’s an 80’s tune. So, I left it alone. For now…

Also reworking another tune called “Fool With Me” located in Dinosaur Rock. Have a friend doing drums remotely (Danny Loi) and they are great! Hopefully I’ll finish it this year (this month?)

Other tunes have been uploaded as well including a LIVE SET of Hologram . We were rehearsing our first complete set to play out live when personalities took over and caused the band to split up.  Such is life. Located in Dinosaur Rock as well.

Have work to do so until next time,


Ancient Musical Adventures

Should I start at the beginning? Or continue from where I left off? Decisions decisions. Such is life. I’ll start in the middle then.

A long time ago there was a group of like-minded people who loved playing music. Not just on a record player, but with musical instruments as well. They were friends from high school, various parties and a friend of a friend. Sometimes they created, other times they destroyed. Not intentionally of course. It just worked out that way. Along the way they were fortunate enough to record some of the tunes they worked on together. Not always great not always bad. They are what they are. 

So I created a page on this website to showcase these dinosaur tunes. Just for historical reference as these tunes appear no where else in the world, that I know of. Most of the musicians have moved away, a few have passed and some just moved on to other aspects of life, family, children.

You can get there from the home page or use the link below:

Dinosaur Rock!

So, fasten your seatbelts for a reverse trip into the past – 35-45 years ago.


More tunes and photos on the way!

Well, I never. Of course I have said that many times before. But this time I mean it. Or not. Wishy washy guy. Oh well.

I have been searching through old tapes and photo boxes. Somehow, new items to post keep popping up. Maybe if I stopped searching this madness would stop. But what’s the fun in that? SO, possibly at the end of this month, or beginning of next month, there will be more stuff added. Yay!

One item of interest is the photo of Old Hologram on the Blast From The Past page, also on the top of this page. The members are left to right: Carl Jasper Hoffman, Jeff DeYoung, Win Meyerson, Ken Ferrante. I had forgotten about Win briefly playing with us. Jeff DeYoung believes he was in a band called “The Dark” at the time as well. I looked him up and he is doing quite well! You can check out his site here: Win Meyerson

It’s nice to see how some people have gone on to wonderful careers and contribute good music along the way. I mostly play music for my critters. They seem to love it and even sing along now and again. I know what you’re thinking. I should record it and post a few tunes here with them singing along. But I can’t do that to you. The magic and amazing wonderfulness would hypnotize you into a state of compliance. You would only be able to listen to this music and nothing else. Forever. So you see, I’m doing you a favor…

Found a couple of these, pictures of a band Doug Goodwin was in. Doug was my keyboardist in URONE and also makes a few appearances in Old Videos Found. He’s on the right in what looks like a blue suit. Yep. Without him, there was no band in my humble opinion. He was the best part of it. I’m sure the other members would argue with me but I have opinions. I believe in treating people the way they treat me. Be truthful, honest, have integrity and bring me ice cream (sugar free) and I will be a pal for life! (smile)

See you back here soon. Got a Klondike bar calling my name…

Doug’s Band “Solid State”

Censoring Dislikes

Ok, so I was watching some music videos that were just awful on YouTube. Not to say my videos are great (which they are) but these were pro releases with big bucks behind them. I wondered if I was the only one who thought that way.

I watched a few helpful videos about how to repair certain amplifiers which were great. Some were an outright waste of time. Then I remembered, “hey stupid, check the likes dislikes right below the video” And to make a short story longer, I did just that.

Where in the heck have I been? Under a rock, in a cave, The Sahara Desert? Yup, there’s a dislike button right next to the like button showing ZERO totals or counts. The like button was showing positive likes. But where did the “dislike” count go? It was time for some quick research and also to find a way to uncover the “dislikes” totals.

Sure enough, YouTube decided to stop displaying the dislikes saying it was unfairly targeting the creators. Well, that’s the point I would think. If a content creator made crappy videos and the public pointed this out using the dislike button, perhaps they would learn from this and make better content. Or not.

But YouTube said the creators were being ganged up on by groups maliciously targeting their videos. Well, guess what? That’s part of putting yourself and content in the public eye. Expected. And if your content is controversial, what would you expect? Every person in the world to bow down and respect you and your opinions?

Crocodile tears are crap. YouTube removing the totals is absolute crap and creates more problems than it solves. But hey, I’m just one person in the Universe that believes that. There may be others, there may be some that think I’m full of crap. But I’m old enough to remember a time when speech was free and information available in troves. Now with YouTube censoring conservatives and anyone who goes against the current government, along with twitter and google (who I admired until I found out they were censoring any speech that they didn’t agree with bt those in charge)

Imagine my surprise when I found out that I wasn’t alone! There are millions, yes millions of people who hated the change. Voices carry. And some clever programmers figured out a way (maybe temporary) to put those totals back.  A simple plugin that you can add to your browser. YES! It works. Just finished trying the extension in my chrome based browser “Vivaldi’.

What a difference it has made! I can now avoid the crap videos and also see how many are with me on current events.

Here’s the link for chrome users (all browsers based on chrome should be able to install it) Click the link below for firefox etc.

Click here for other browsers

While I could write a book of what big tech is doing to change the freedom and voices of all people on planet earth – I won’t because we live it everyday. If you can’t see it, you may never see it. It’s like the people that wear a mask in their cars as they drive alone. Nuff said.

A Short Story

Yup, a short story, that may or may not be true. Although I will have a notary public come by later to authenticate my fabrication of the facts. And why would I, who has never been a professional writer, call upon another to justify the words being tossed about like flies around a picnic? Wish I knew and if I did, I would tell everyone. Until then, this story starts like all the other stories in the world (at least the ones that are true…)

Once upon a time, there lived a bread maker. He would spend the entire day, well, at least during winters long – long evenings, wondering how the world ever existed without bread. At the time he was contemplating the aforementioned, he had never heard of celiac disease or other afflictions which, unknown to him and perhaps many others, caused a “snippet” in time. Much akin to a bout of hiccups or giggles that seemed to never end. 

There is so much I don’t know about the universe” he said, almost silently, while wishing for an answer. “Perhaps I shouldn’t wonder so much” he thought out loud. Although thinking out loud was the same as talking, the distinction never quite rang a bell. “If I could only live for one thing and one thing only, it would be heavenly bread. Perhaps sourdough or homemade melon bread“, he cried hoping there were others in close earshot of his musings. 

 Without pausing for an answer, he looked down, noticing a package, a clear cellophane package with a twine twist wrap to seal in the aromatic flavors contained within.  “Excuse me, did someone leave this here?” while slowly turning in a circle, scanning the faces of those nearby.

 The “snippet” in time was now a moment to be reckoned with. For inside the clear cellophane wrapper was twelve homemade chocolate chip cookies. Definitely not sourdough bread or even focaccia.  Certainly this was not the one thing he lived for or spent his days contemplating about. 

Reaching down he picked up the twelve chocolate chip cookies wrapped in cellophane to examine the intricate twine twist wrap holding the package together.  “Hmm…” he thought. “Not sourdough. Something else entirely. But what? Dare I unwrap this carefully tied twine to explore the contents?” he mused.

Of course there was no turning back now, so without any fanfare he unwrapped the cookies. Coming from the center was an aroma that couldn’t be denied! Amazing, with hints of floral yet sweet with temptations of love carefully bundled. At first, he could not believe it smelled almost better than his precious sourdough heavenly bread. Almost he thought. Before passing judgment, maybe taking a small nibble or bite would help determine the nature of this “snippet” in time.

Almost immediately, he was smitten with pleasure beyond words. The chocolate chip cookies, which were homemade, rivaled the best the universe had to offer. 

His world had been turned upside down. For previously, the reason to exist was for sourdough bread. Now, there was another reason to exist. Who knew? Perhaps the cookie maker knew? Or the “snippet”?  

To prevent himself from going utterly insane, now that he knew that sourdough bread  had not cornered the market or tamed the universe, he came up with a reason why. A reason why the two could exist together without destroying the fabric of time or galaxies.

Just because. 


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