Ever had that late night craving for a snack? One that crunches yet has an airy texture, just a tad of salt?

WOW! Me too! I have that sometimes. In fact a few weeks ago I went to make a small batch of my favorite seasoned popcorn. That’s when I discovered my popcorn maker was no longer working. Cry, sniff. Should I make it the old fashioned way, in a pot? Nah, I always burned it. So, the search for a new machine began in earnest.

I scoured the internet (nah, but it sounds good) checking various big box stores like Walmart, Target and even Ross! Amazon and ebay, along with local bargain outlets etc. I was beginning to think this was a somewhat overboard search. I mean, it’s just a popcorn machine. Could the reason for my intense search be somehow related to my childhood? Possibly. Although I personally believe my financial and living situation along with lack of funds inspired me to find inexpensive snack materials. Such as… YEP! Popcorn.

Fast forward to now… my machine was on the blink. Years past I tried an air popper. Nah. Popcorn always tasted like an incomplete treat. Jiffy POP. Now there’s a fun way to make it. However for me, the bottom always burned some. Before you say “Carl, you weren’t doing it right.” I already know I wasn’t doing it right. Heck, my middle name was “not doing it right” at the time. Still, there was something missing from jiffypop that I couldn’t quite classify.

Microwave popcorn. Nope. Too many issues and strange flavors for me. Heck, the price was right at the local dollar store. But then I started reading about various issues with the lining inside and diseases associated with it. Kinda made my head spin. So, microwave popcorn was crossed off the list.

Having a bonfire in the backyard, letting the flames die down and heating the popcorn over simmering coals. Great popcorn! But tedious and time consuming. Plus with which, summer was off limits due to fire concerns. And that was my favorite time to make the stuff!

Years back I had purchased an old fashioned popcorn maker like the ones in movie theaters. But smaller. And very cool! Made excellent popcorn with it every time. Once again the shear amount of time involved made it the subject of mostly weekends. The machine I had been using (before it went to the Great Pop in the sky) was simple. A built-in bowl, a motor that would reverse directions upon getting jammed and almost perfect pop. Decision made: 2020.

Presto stirring popper. The closest replacement to my previous maker. Does it work? Heck yes. Has it burned any popcorn. Not yet. Does the popcorn come out refreshing and light, yet tender and firm? You betcha!

In fact, all this talk has me craving a tad. Off to the kitchen. Enjoy your evening.