Where was I when all hope was abandoned?

Where were you when despair replaced your hope?

I am tired. Worn out. Have no where to turn. So, what do I do? Take the plunge and buy some shiny object to temporarily engage my tiny brain? Build something? Repair job somewhere in my house or tech bench? Take apart something to see how it works? Run in circles until I’m so dizzy I fall down? Eat lunch? In fact, have something bad for me, like a big fat juicy pork rib slathered in bbq sauce. Or a 2lb 70% chocolate bar. Maybe a pound of bacon?

What about wallowing about situations past? Or worrying about the future. Or even now? The meaning of life which we all know is “52” or something like that, still needs a more concrete base to give a solid foundation to the secret of the universe. What did I just say? Heck, I’m not even sure I understand what I just wrote.

So, the answer is…

Enjoy yourself. Eat whatever you want. Go wherever you want. Do anything that strikes your fancy. Worry. Don’t worry. Make popcorn, eat chocolate, grow rainbows, ride a bike. The world is your oyster. But always remember, there are sometimes consequences for your actions. Eat too much and you get fat and unhealthy. Go into a military NO TRESPASSING ZONE and you just may get shot! Ride a bike and maybe build up your immune system. The choices you make are yours. My choices are, well, mine. And when your choices interact with mine, I ask that nothing in what you do, harms or interferes with my choices. I will reciprocate in turn. 

Mostly, as I have said in previous posts, I have faith.

Today, I also have hope.