Month: November 2022

Down a rabbit hole…

Once again I started backing up all my gear and tunes in case of a catastrophic loss. Well, I kept going as I found some old tunes that I remembered doing and realized I could take a few hours to remix some. After finding the vocal tracks on an 8trk cassette, I loaded up the midi file, fixed some notes and the drums somewhat, remixed the tune and uploaded here! “Hard to Say” located over in Orphans. 

Chuck Mills and I are both singing and I’m playing background guitars. The mix I did 30 years ago was so bad I believe I deleted it from every tape I have from that period in time. The new mix is better, but hey, it’s a 30 year tune, I get what I get. I like it. Maybe you will too!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, my blood sugar is finally settling down a bit. The food was good, the company good, and my dogs loved the food I made for them. What more could I ask for? Watched a few movies, worked on other tunes, cut down some trees that were falling over near my house and the house next door. It’s starting to get cold here again. Around 38 degrees. While that’s suntan weather if you’re from back east, here it’s a coldpocalypse!

Hopefully, the next few weeks will be uneventful (no trees falling down!) and some more tunes get finished.

Stay warm and toasty


More Stuff!

Well, I’ve been a very busy little carpenter bee. Adding tunes throughout the website, recording new stuff in my studio, mixing old stuff.

In fact, I found a tune (located now in “Blast From the Past”) called “Boy In Your LIfe” that was around 35 years old recorded on an 8trk cassette deck! The Tascam 688 Midistudio. Amazing machine. Way ahead of it’s time.

The recording only had vocals and guitars on it, plus some midi time code which I used to sync to Bars & Pipes running on a 1993 Amiga 3000 Tower.

The Amiga is another amazing piece of computer engineering! Way ahead of its time as well.  After adding drums/bass/keyboards, I did a quick mix. Was going to remix it again, but it’s an 80’s tune. So, I left it alone. For now…

Also reworking another tune called “Fool With Me” located in Dinosaur Rock. Have a friend doing drums remotely (Danny Loi) and they are great! Hopefully I’ll finish it this year (this month?)

Other tunes have been uploaded as well including a LIVE SET of Hologram . We were rehearsing our first complete set to play out live when personalities took over and caused the band to split up.  Such is life. Located in Dinosaur Rock as well.

Have work to do so until next time,


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