Month: January 2022

A DANGEROUS JOURNEY! A.K.A. (the first hike of the year)

Here I be, or was, waiting to begin the first journey of our new trek around the sun, wondering if I would complete this walk among the stars. At least I would begin with high hopes and my faithful companion, the CHUPACABRA (eek!)

Last year I ended with a hike on the more traveled path. This year, I choose to start with the least trodden trail, hoping there would be little in my Dangerous Journey to confuse and confound me. As it turns out, the choice was choice! Along the way I encountered only a handful of brave individuals such as myself.

The water was flowing fast, the mud deep, chances of slipping and cracking open a skull were high! Just getting soaked crossing the streams that blocked my path, would make any man fearful and entertain thoughts of reversing course. And I am not just any man. I AM CEEJ!

Below you’ll find some of my journeys pictorial documentation, while some photos are not for the faint of heart, I find it best to remember that I did this hike so you wouldn’t have too.

The hike begins

Walking along the whispering leaves, leaving no sound I was there

The Chupacabra fearless, turns a gaze towards me as I stop in fright, once again reminding me I could transcend the irrational fight or flight human response…

An obstacle, placed directly in the path. Should I continue? Or will this growing feeling of being drowned overcome me…I wondered.

Could I eat this, sustaining my life if I ran out of granola bars? Would I surely perish from the painful death if poisonous? I did not know…

Another omen…could they be death caps? Or just an imposter, teasing me with the promise of nourishment? I wondered…

At last! A shroom I recognized. False Turkey Tails. Not the most edible but in a pinch I would survive. Although these had seen better days. Most likely, last years crop.

Strolling along the path, confident now, I could sense the small waterfall up ahead. The air was filled with a mist of tiny drops of love.

Eureka! I had made the journey to the waterfall, alive! I could see the mark of the eye on the rocky surface to the right, warning all that nothing is as it seems. My journey back would be simple. I was happy. We lived to tell the tale.

The End.

The Beginning – Again

Once again planet earth has sailed/traveled around the star we call “The Sun“, in about 365 days. Does this figure have any significance or divine meaning? I personally don’t know the answer. Some will claim they have insider knowledge. I call bullshit on them. We are thankfully glued to this planet with the mysterious force of gravity. Without such, we would float out into space, devoid of oxygen and life sustaining nutrients, we’d quickly perish as a species. Oh, and the above thought is considered, well, “Science” (prove me wrong)

What does that mean? What does starting another arbitrary revolution around the sun accomplish? Will we be better as humans? Will people rise up to the current fraud that is being perpetrated worldwide this year? I sure hope so. While I have faith that some will take off the blinders preventing the truths from seeing the light day, I still worry. 

IN THE PREVIOUS YEAR, we watched science being thrown out a window, in exchange for personal beliefs. We have witnessed atrocities being fostered on the people of the world in the name of “science”. What happens when they are wrong? Can we have intelligent discussions about why? Apparently not. Because. Science. Yup. The meaning has now changed to “Science: That which is what is popular among the ruling class, for any reason”

If you dare to counter with facts, figures, research or even use decades of precedence, you are attacked and shunned, shut out from the public by uneducated bureaucrats, pencil pushers and elite college snobs. All of them belonging to a cult of “wannabes” and genocide believers.

Hopefully, this year begins a cleansing. Removal from the mainstream foibles and outright untruths they proclaim. As the wake up continues, those that were previously caught in the web, will slowly climb to freedom. Redeeming humanity. I can hope.

I see gabpay becoming a reality, among other services. A parallel economy developing. And it can be none too soon. When governments become totalitarian bastards of oppression, this planet and those oppressing the people that exist on the surface,  no longer becomes worthy of traveling around our sun.  

I was not invited to be born or given a choice to exist. And yet, here I am. Because I believe in being the best version of myself I can be, I will give my support to those with the same goals and visions.

What will you do this year?

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