Hulu. Who knew knew. OK, dumb rhymes aside, during black friday, I signed up on Hulu at $1.99 per month for a year. Since then, I have watched more than $24 of shows if I had purchased the DVDs. While there are commercials, I don’t mind for the most part. My dogs like the commercials. No idea why either…

It’s nice to have something other then Netflix or Amazon Prime to choose from. Both of those streaming services have pretty cool shows! I like quite a few of their saved series and originals. When I was browsing Hulu the other day, I came across Utopia Falls. 

It looked like most teen series, designed to appeal to a much younger crowd. Not that I’m old. No way. I’m only as old as you’re young! And while I enjoy more sophisticated offerings such as Tom and Jerry cartoons, Wrestling and Crusader Rabbit, something about the title intrigued me.

During the opening scenes, I thought, OMG! This show indoctrinates the youth of today to the righteousness of socialism and liberal left leanings. Almost like sending your kids to public school! Brainwashing. Curious to see how far they would go indoctrinating the young of today, I watched on. About 3/4s of the way through the first episode, my feet went out from under me and I hit the floor hard! What had happened, you ask?

First off, the basic story is about a future society after the world is nearly destroyed by technology and individualism. In this futuristic society, each sector or group competes in an art/music type festival to represent their sector. There is a Nature Sector, Reform sector etc, which send their most talented people to be chosen for a competition.

No one stands out, or is allowed to achieve being unique as that would upset the balance of the oneness, where everything is provided and each person contributes to the “HIVE”. They don’t call it the hive, I do. It’s Bernie Sanders and AOC socialism at it’s finest. Or worse.

Along the way, something happened. Encouraging me to continue watching. I was even cheering and now had hope for this future civilization. The contestants that were picked started questioning the reasons they were there. And why they weren’t allowed to create, enjoy life as an individual, never having a unique thought or going against the collective.

Rebellion. Starts simple. Ends with a bang. I am only a few episodes into this show, but what I see gives me hope. First, that this isn’t another show that teaches our youth to obey and comply with authority without question. Instead, it seems to be opening a path where youth can learn to express themselves, and encompass personal growth as a truth that belongs to them.  Plus the dance choreography is amazing, the singing beautiful and enthralling.

Should you watch this show? Eh, maybe. All I know is, for the moment I’m hooked. Maybe in later episodes the dangers of being different will rear it’s ugly head. The direction so far, is one of expression through dance, music and art. Which to me is about freedom and personal liberty.

I am voting with my thumb. How about you?