Many years ago, well decades ago, I became interested in subliminal messages, that during our daily endeavors were being processed by our subconscious. Was this something I should be worried about? Were the everyday messages I was being bombarded with doing a job on my subconscious? In todays terms this would be referred to as “Fake News” or Disinformation. In reality, it wasn’t and still isn’t. Millions of dollars have been spent by advertising companies to perform various placements for products from companies they represent to influence the average consumer. By average I mean you and me. While I usually no longer succumb to these tricksters on mind manipulation, I realize that no one is immune from basic mind functions that are universal among people.

But what if a long lost tribe of people located in say, the Amazon, have never heard of these products being marketed by clever companies? Would they also be subject to the influence suggested in the ad? Or would they be immune, having to no basic reference point to draw from? I don’t know the answer, but what  do know is I was fascinated when I bought the first book that not only had examples, but breakdowns of each ad. I was blown away.

And there are also audio subliminal selling messages. One such message was in grocery markets, hidden in the background music playing gently during your shopping experience. Messages such as “you will not steal. This is bad” and “buy cookies on aisle 4” or even “good duty to stock up on soda” etc. They were usually whispered and placed way below your conscious mind to hear them over the drone of the music. However, it was just enough to entice you as a shopper. While the exact messages are only known to a few, they were caught and no longer are allowed to place sub-audible messages in music while you are shopping. Nowadays, marketing experts rely on product placement in the store that captures your attention and just perhaps sends you down an aisle to buy potato chips etc.

Mostly, I was entranced by the visual hidden drawings/artwork contained in the images. A few decades ago, Pepsi came out with a can that celebrated a holiday with colorful images. When these six-packs were stacked on top of one another, it plainly spelled SEX. So, I bought my own six-packs and still have the cans as proof.

Here’s a pic for ya:

Marketing execs did not like the exposure and pushed back on those blowing the whistle on them. While there are still some great resources you can check for subliminal advertising and the experts that say it works and those that say it doesn’t, leaves me wanting to know more. Does it work? One way is to make a list of shopping items and see what you come home with. While it’s not proof, it’s something!

Various images below: some obvious, some not so obvious…

Skittles has “S”EXplosion, KFC and a dollar in the lettuce, Wendy’s has the word “MOM” under her neck, the Gin has the ice cubes spelling SEX, Fedex has an ARROW in the Ex and SFX magazine is covering up the “F” so you see “SEX”

In future posts I’ll add more, but for now, go figure. Is this real or not?