Sometimes, when you’re traveling, you come to a place where tacks have been placed in the middle of the road. What do you do? Go around them or stop the vehicle to get out and remove them from your path?

Of course the choice is yours. I personally choose to remove them. Looking back as I move forward, reminds me that I have choices in life. What I choose to do, where I choose to go, when I am faced with decisions that feel impossible on the surface, are the basis of my character. They shout to the world I’ll give another person, traveling down the road a fair shake.

The plans you make may not always appear to be the best, but they represent your integrity, perseverance and character.

But what about the plans that don’t follow yours? The ones that are made for you? Without you agreeing to them?

These are the brick walls in life that determine your resolve to tackle anything in life thrown your way. A true measure of your character. You can fold and say “why me?” Or, tackle them with the same determination to keep going forward like you did when stopping to remove the tacks.

Love, hope and cheers to all.