Month: April 2024

Hiking for now is outta the question.

A few months back, I somehow messed up my knee. It swelled up like a grapefruit. Hurt too. So, I did what anyone forced to get healthcare does. I went to a primary care doc. Well, this doc took over 10 x-rays and called me a few days later and said “there’s nothing wrong with your knee.” Spent some big bucks for that answer too.

During the next month it would swell up like clockwork. Just from going up my driveway. Or walking to the kitchen. I figured since I am being drained of my bank account to pay for medical care I WOULD SEE A SPECIALIST. 

The orthopedic doc I saw took 10+ x-rays (so, I could pay again) and after looking at them he said “there’s something wrong” and “your muscles are not strong enough to support your knee”. What a load of turkey stuffing! It turns out my neighbor was seeing the same doc a few minutes before me. I asked him what his diagnosis was. The same doc told him his muscles were weak. Well, compared to me, my neighbor is a body builder and I’m Laurel and Hardy. Just another reason to pay big bucks. Yes, the insurance covers it. I still have a co-pay and after adding up my yearly costs I’m in the hole $3-$4K. At least I’m consoled by paying for the undocumented and additional people that are on their way to Canada. Anything to help of course. And I believe my knee problems are caused by climate change. Just ask anyone in California. They’ll agree with me. Also, if I had an EV car none of this would be happening. I would never go anywhere and if I did, my bank account would drain another $15K for new batteries. Or if I was lucky, would catch on fire in my driveway and burn the house down. Since I don’t have an EV I will never know if either climate change or the EV would stop my knee from swelling. All hypothetical of course…

Finally I visited a different doc that said, “hey, I use this for runners knee. Seems to work for me. Give it a try”. I purchased one and it’s on the way now. The existing braces I have bought work OK, but no cigar.

Crossing my knees on this one…



Another Evening of Brews and Mus….ic

Well, you are probably wondering if I’ve been drinking again. Yes and No. Yes, because I get dehydrated quite easily and No because I am currently abstaining from alcohol for mostly personal reasons. No, no, no… I am not a raving drunk! Quite the opposite. I become happier the more I drink. At least until that inevitable moment where the sloshing inside my body overwhelms the very tiny red blood cells and my oxygen levels slowly deplete, then toppling head first – meet ground. (smile)

No, I am referring to another evening of playing live at this venue called “Lucky Lukes”. We all had a blast, although it was quite chilly and somewhat overcast, threatening our very lives with a torrential downpour and subsequent electrocution. What a way to end the evening, huh? (LOL) Hopefully, the ground fault outlets would perform admirably saving us from a crispy critter evening. 

Take a listen for yourself – yes, there are missed notes and flubs and grubs, equipment malfunctioning and maybe some everlasting gobstoppers! All that mattered as we played our combined axes off, was how amazing and delightful it was to be performing live for a crowd that enjoyed the music and presentation.

I hope you join us someday soon, for another evening of music, love and laughter!



An Evening at “Lucky Lukes”

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