The other day I was hiking in this apocalyptic world we are all enjoying (sarcasm) and while I am not advocating ignoring our wonderfully disconnected leaders in IcontrolyouFornia, I’m saying that if I were to go hiking, it’s possible that the scene might resemble a mini Stonehenge at some point during the imaginary hike.

Which is to say there are some very creative people that were also not ignoring our beloved politicians. (sarcasm) In fact, even though this photo might be faked, it could be located along the Limekiln Hiking trail near Corbin and Rinaldi in Porter Ranch. IF, and a big IF it was a real photo.

Even so, I find it comforting that others are also braving the outdoors amid sneers from onlookers with useless pieces of cloth attached to their chinny chin chins.

Now “The Walking Dead” which at one time was my all-time favorite for a brief spell, where zero masks were worn as everyone had been previously exposed in the world, was a depiction of a possible real world enactment of what could really happen! Come-on, Rick was saving almost everyone, in five minute increments during the show. You could count his failures and successes on your fingers and toes each episode. 

So, a mini Stonehenge is kinda cool. Encouraging. Even the graffiti below gives a refreshing feel to an otherwise Crazyfornia where you can lose your job, can’t pay bills, fink on your neighbor for not staying 6ft away, wait in long supermarket lines for one roll of paper towels and spend most of the day catching up on Netflix series and a few other shows.

I thought to myself, “I must share this” so, here I am sharing. Amazing how thoughts can become actions…(smile)