…the second song

Just a Dream.

The second song from almost 30 years ago I wrote/played and Stephen Wolfe Smith sang. Adding lyrics and making the videos have been a blast! And Stephen poured his heart into every song we did together and it shows in his emotion, nuances and beliefs he held true to his heart.

Me, being the romantic song writer. Who would ever have pictured that? Not my dogs. Or my neighbors. Maybe my therapist. At least if I had one. At the time, I was too poor. Lived on Nestles Quik chocolate milk and BBQ potato chips I would get from 7/11.

Ah, the good days…(smile)

One song to go in our trilogy of recordings. The next one, well, is not romantic. I know, right? You were thinking that’s all I know how to write! Surprise! Until then…



More Zombies! Yaya!



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  1. Danny Loi

    Shave every day if possible.

    editors note:
    If I shaved everyday. I would have no use for exfoliate products anymore – depriving companies of valuable revenue.

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