UPDATE: I have been getting requests for copies of the vinyl records. I don’t have any copies for sale or to give away. I don’t know who would have any except perhaps Gary Efford himself. Please don’t ask me as I will not respond to these inquiries. Any other questions about the history or members of course, please send them. I will try my best to answer them.

Going through some old tapes lately. Trying to archive the best parts of them. Or at least, memories that I have forgotten over the years. Doug Goodwin and I (URONEPROG.com) would play together in other projects. Sometimes they were great and sometimes, just OK. But mostly because we worked amazingly well musically in everything we did.  One of these projects was called “The Gary Efford Band”. The video below, for now, appears to be the only copy I have of a small venue we performed at. Sadly, there is only the end of an excellent tune written by the drummer, Jeff DeYoung, “The Only Way To Go Is Up”.

The one song I have is “Take Control” which we all had a blast playing. I have some other really bad video of a couple of rehearsals and if I find anything worth posting will post it here as well. I did find a rehearsal video of my tune, “Standup Girls”, yay! These are also the only videos I have of Doug Goodwin since he passed over 20 years ago.

PLEASE NOTE: All songs, unless noted, were written by Gary Efford.

“Take Control”  – The Gary Efford Band

It seems that every piece of gear I own from the 90’s has something wrong with it! I spent the better part of the evening repairing my Sony cassette deck. And after fixing it, I ‘ve been looking for the studio version of the above song. Of course I haven’t found it yet, but there are plenty of other songs the Gary Efford Band recorded. I’ll start posting as time permits.

Usually the band lineup was Gary Efford, Doug Goodwin, Chuck Mills, Carl Jasper Hoffman and Jeff DeYoung. Other players included Elliot Anders (keys), Danny Loi (drums)

Below are some old rehearsal videos. Yup. The cameras are crap and the audio is just OK. And yet they are the only surviving videos I have found to date. I debated whether to add these as the quality is not that good. And I look pretty goofy with shorts on. Well, to be sure, I look goofy (smile). Now I am looking for the studio version of “Sexy” – if I can’t find it on tape, I will grab it from the 45 I have, yes, an actual 45 record!

Found some old photos! Yay! The ones from Madame Wongs Show “GARY EFFORT” I would like to correct that now to “GARY EFFORD” It’s not that we didn’t make an effort, we did. We played our axxes off! (smile) The lineup is: Gary Efford, Carl Jasper Hoffman, Chuck Mills, Elliot Anders, Jeff DeYoung, and special guest Andrew Woolfolk on Sax.

  • 1985 March 22 – Madame Wong’s West, Los Angeles, CA, USA (with Michael McMahan, Jack Lee, Model 2, Philisteens, Jr & The Z Man, Gary Efford)
  • Found a new tune of Gary’s on youtube of all places (smile)
  • “Hats off to the purple one”