Month: June 2022

Complexity Magnified

Did you know there is a “Complexity Science”? I sure in the heck didn’t. Where was I when degrees were being handed out like lollipops at a dental office?  I was most likely coming down from some high of another science called “Magnifying Science”. Where in the heck did that come from? They are breeding like kefir grains. Which I happen to love, but, sadly, I managed to decimate the batch I had. Which isn’t easy to do, it turns out.

What does that make me? A Kefir Killer? Is there going to be a new movie starring a woke actor/actress describing the dangers of Kefir Killing and how the world is gaining .00001 colonies of various bacteria and yeast cultures due to my ignorance in the care and feeding of the little critters? In my defense, they lasted almost a year, until my focus completely shifted to other issues of life. No, you were going to say sauerkraut but I was way into sauerkraut before this Kefir walked into a bar and sat next to me.

So, Complexity Science. Just what is it? Apparently it applies to just about everything.

  • epidemiology and infectious disease processes
  • healthcare organization
  • general practice and “the clinical encounter”
  • biomedicine
  • health social science
  • health geography.

There. That cleared it up. Pretty much. Or not. The above was taken from an article. I payed for that. So did you. Feel better now?  I sure do.

And I’m still not closer to understanding even with the “magnifying science” added to make it bigger. This reminds me of studies about older men who eat steak and then watch tv. The average study is about $50,000. Why? Does knowing this enrich my already vast knowledge of the universe? Not really. Except for the researchers. They were enriched. Sometimes I get a prize in a box of cereal which is WAY COOL!

How about can women have orgasms while riding a bike? $250K for this one. Well, if they can, I’m sure for it!  And yup, I pay for that too. But do I want to know? Nope. Nope. Nope. Oh well, if anything I am reminded it’s about time to start water kefir batches again. Tasty and healthful.

If you’re a woman, you can ride a bike (healthy) , drink kefir (healthy) and have an orgasm ($&^%#awesome) at the same time. THE SAME TIME! (contemplate that for a minute. And then stop.) Complexity magnified! How cool is that? Without even thinking about “Complexity Science”. 

Until next time, the meditation shop is closed. (smile)

Added another page!

Yup. Added another page to the site.Blast From The Past which has songs from various bands and musicians I’ve played with. I will try and update as often I can, however I have so many projects in the works that I get overwhelmed. But what a problem to have, right? (smile) 

I enjoy writing music, which has been on a back burner this year as projects took me in other directions. But when I started to repair my gear and found oodles of tunes I had forgotten about, it was my eureka moment. PAY ATTENTION to what you want to accomplish in life. Or eat really good food. Both high on my list. (smile)

Also updated the post old videos – found with another Gray Efford Band tune


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