Here I am again creating another page to hold memories from the past. Yay! Not sure about what this page will contain – for sure various music from bands I’ve been in, the occasional video – and simple stories I remember. For now, I have 2 songs that Jeff DeYoung and I recorded for the band Hologram. We had a blast! I would drive up to his place in Glendale while he was at work, write what parts I could – leave a note for him. He would then either continue or go in a completely different direction. Eventually, we would end up with a somewhat finished tune. Posted below are 2 amazing tunes we collaborated on.

Found a couple of tunes from Jan King. I played bass and kinda remember a guitarist who was on tour with the Jackson Five laying down some tracks as well. Can’t find the songs anywhere on the net. If Jan King finds this and wants them taken down, I will. It’s posted mostly because I played bass and also thought she should have gotten a record deal. Nice songs! Oh well, memories fading.

Also, found a song that Chris Sherwood wrote lyrics for. I of course wrote the music and Laurie Benton was on vocals. It was a video school project and Chris asked if I would write the opening theme to his project “Arnold”. Which I did, and it was fun!

Most of the tunes (except Jan King) were recorded in my early home studio. I played bass, keys, drum programming etc on tunes.

For some old videos and The Gary Efford Band head over to: old videos – found Gary Efford