no promises – UPDATE 4/24/2022

Coming soon! I found another song of mine that Stephen had recorded vocals on while going through some old tunes. So yes, I will be doing a lyric music video of it. I had 4 different vocalists put down tracks for this particular song over the years. Stephen had recorded his tracks in the middle of 1994 or so. It will probably take me about a month or so because I have a full plate on the table of projects to complete. I had completely forgotten about it! Oh well, getting up there in years…(smile)

Yep. The final installment in the three song demos that Stephen Wolfe Smith and I recorded together at my home studio in the 90’s. As promised, “no promises”. (smile)

This song always made me laugh because the teen neighbors a few houses down were basically in love with Stephen. He dressed quite well, talked with a slight accent and was always flirting with them. They came over in the middle of a session while we were working on the finishing touches (vocals) and they melted while listening to him sing. As they left the studio I could hear them singing “I like this, I love that…” etc.

Sadly, that was the last tune I recorded with him before he passed. Work got in the way with him being a daytime soap opera regular and my days were numbered as money was tight and bills were piling up.

This whole experience of making a lyric video almost 30 years after recording a few songs is kinda cool! And since I have a CD upcoming, I’ll probably apply some of what I’ve learned from this adventure!

I’m including the other 2 songs below in case you missed them earlier. Original posts are here: just-a-dream and always-love-me


carl jasper hoffman


no promises

just a dream

always love me



  1. Tony Johnson

    Thank you mr. Hoffman 4 posting this, I was Stephen’s partner for a decade before he passed and it’s nice to actually have access to one of the songs here that I never been able to. get a copy of. As a matter of fact always love me was written for me.

    • carl jasper

      You are welcome Mr. Johnson. Stephen was very strong willed and had some great ideas regarding music. While we had our differences, they were wonderful and real! Something I always appreciated about him. Working with him was a blast and I felt that keeping these tunes in my archive was dumb. Sharing his singing can only bring laughter and love to those who listen. Although I can hear him looking down at me saying ” What do you think you’re doing posting the songs? Some notes are off, let’s do it again. ” (smile)

      Thank you for letting me know.
      Carl Jasper Hoffman

  2. Cheyenne Cramer

    I missed these songs! Yes, I would be one of those neighbor girls ? Being there watching the recording process was amazing! I only met Stephen one time but the little bit of time was enough to know what a great man he was.
    Carl, thank you for letting us stay and watch that day, I’ll never forget.
    Mr.Johnson, I’m sorry for your loss, he was a wonderful person.

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