Roads. What are roads? Are they physical pathways that move object A to point B? Are they a physicists dissertation on the nuances of free neutrons and the directions the neutrons travel? OR can they be emotional or mental pathways a moment can take at any given point in time? Are there factors that determine the direction of travel?

I’ve been reading somewhat haphazardly, “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Not the religious story or even the short lived series about the end of the world. This story is not a story at all. It’s a way to prevent putting your worst foot forward in any relationship you have. John Gottman has been researching relationships and has come to some very helpful conclusions and insights. Along with the Four Horsemen which are: Criticism, Contempt, Defensivesness and Stonewalling, he also brings up the following:

Turning Towards – Turning Against – Turning Away. He calls them “Bids”. Now I’m not going to get into the specific details of the above. Perhaps after reading this, a quick internet search will explain much better than I can. What brings me to even write about this, being the avid researcher that I am, is I tend to condense and simplify.

The concepts seem very sound and based on good data. What I feel and intuitively grasp, is something a little less intense then the above. But, more to the point for at least, me. I like to think of the above as “Turning Points”. Yep, lump them all together under one big umbrella, and maybe I said umbrella because it’s going to start raining here in a few hours…(smile) Most likely it’s my subconscious mind always trying to get a leg up and be heard.

Because of the impending rain and various chores coming up, I will write about them later, after filling up my fireplace with logs for the long rains ahead. All the while sipping on a warm cuppa of tea.