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Update: I removed the contact form as I was getting mostly adverts on how to make my website more popular and revenue generating. Well, they don’t know me very well (smile) as I don’t want either of those things to happen. I am happy just sharing with those who visit – either because I gave them the site or a friend did. These are the people I care about the most. While everyone is of course welcome, this site is mostly for me, to have a record of tunes and thoughts I can share with friends, other musicians etc.

I always wondered if anyone was visiting my site, and judging by the deluge of contacts I get from bots, I know it’s working somewhat. A few contacts were from friends but with a ratio of 5000:1 I give up. So, I removed the contact us. Even with recaptchas it wasn’t working. I know there are other methods to research and when I find one that works better, I will add it. In the meantime you can email me @ “canyon1 @ andif . com” remove the spaces of course!

Until then, have a great year!