Got a Belgium Malinois puppy a few days ago. A more appropriate name would be Belgium Monster Puppy. From the dark lagoon. Evil with a capital L. The sheer energy of the pup would power the Worlds Fair in Chicago. Who needs Tesla? I have a BMP.

Since the little girl never stops moving or chewing or jumping or biting, I have been learning the hard way that she is training me to behave. Who knew? Once again my geriatric pups warned me but alas I didn’t listen.

Well, the rain finally came. A little too late for me to have the fireplace going this evening. Perhaps tomorrow? I managed to rain proof whatever I could, before cooking a huge pot of shrimp and veggie soup. The BMP has discovered the doggie door and has gone through it about 10 times in the last five minutes. Probably wondering if it’s like the Lost Room mini series where going through a door using a special key takes you anywhere.

There are no words of wisdom tonight. No clever thoughts. No major epiphanies. Just the same questions I’ve had for the last few days. Will the new season of Lost In Space be as good as the first? Does Dr. Smith shop on Amazon for evil gadgets to mess with the Robinson’s? Are square wheels really round wheels that are missing a circumference? Will I sell my house and move out of state?

Stay tuned for “As the Puppy Bites” or “One Carl Flew over the Malinois Nest”