Yep. The title says it all. I am in the process of remodeling my house. Here is where I’ll post updates and photos. Not that you may care. I do. That’s enough. Legend has it that 20 years ago I started to remodel my kitchen but a three letter alphabet government agency took the money I had set aside for that purpose. The agency said “we need it more. Besides, our documenting is better than yours”.


Now I have a little bit saved and have started the process again. On the 10th, my new appliances arrived. For now they are safely stored in my garage, with the exception of the fridge. I love my new fridge. If I could, I would marry it. Nah. That would be a little creepy. Although if something happened where most of my limbs were replaced with stainless steel and various robotics, I would consider it…

Pictures soon!

blazing a new trail

Whew! I have been experimenting with different ways to make a zigzag path up the side of my mountain. First, I tried digging a path – nope nope nope. Hard and painful along with trying to stand at an angle on the slope. Time consuming as well.

Then I tried a full size rototiller – nope nope nope. Almost busted the mountain before making a pathway. Since it’s close to 200lbs, handling it on a slope is like dragging a school bus using a clothesline up the side of the grand canyon.

So, I did the only rational thing I could do. Bought a rototiller attachment for my ryobi gas weed eater. Miracle on My Street! Wow. It’s hard, but it works. Multiple passes are required but I can at least see some progress.

My plan is to make a zigzag path up my hill to a leveled out area for some chairs and maybe a small umbrella or something. During the summer, or even winter, I can hang and look out over my valley. Have a smoothie etc. This is going to take a few weekends as just this little bit took a full tank of gas and strained my tiny little arms and minuscule muscles. Progress. Ain’t it grand?