Everything government touches turns to crap – Ringo Starr

Many moons ago, when LED light bulbs were just beginning an amazing transition from unusable to completely functional for day to day use, I joined the growing ranks of early adopters. I spent oodles of money on the latest and greatest of the first replacement bulbs made for a US E26 regular light socket.

You could barely read by the light emanating from the 50 or so LEDs all grouped together. I was sold! Not only was my electric bill going to plummet down to realized savings, I was also helping the planet!

Along comes the Bush and Obama administrations and incandescent bulbs are made nearly illegal at certain power levels. 100 watt bulbs are going to be phased out completely for starters. I was being told I could no longer purchase bulbs with higher watts, and if I did I would become a criminal of sorts. An evil criminal mastermind. A wattage thief!

Fast forward to today and the Trump administration is about to remove all these restrictions put in place by the previous ones. The reasoning is, let the market decide along with the buying public. Wow, what a refreshing thought. Let people use their wallets to determine the success or failure of LED bulbs.

Being an early adopter myself, I wasn’t in it for the “green” savings. I was in it for the “coolness” factor. Can you say yay? The end result of changing out all my bulbs along with millions of other households? Higher electricity prices. Since peoples bills were being slashed by leaps and bounds, the power utilities were losing revenue faster than you could say “buggybillybumperblankets” assuming you say that fairly fast.

So, today I had a revelation. My electric bill has been constantly creeping up while using electric heating. My gas usage has gone up as well. All to keep my house warm as the cold front storms across my doors. What if, just what if I replaced all my LED bulbs with regular incandescents throughout my house and left them on for longer periods of time? Since a by-product of incandescent bulbs is heat, my home would need less gas for heating and less electricity for the space heaters. And when spring came, I could return the LED bulbs back and store the incandescents until the next winter.

So I got out my slide ruler and used the following equation: LEDBULB – INCANDESCENT = LESSPOWERUSED along with GE-HIGHERPRICES = GOVERNMENT+LOBBYISTS. Not to mention that disposing of burnt out LED bulbs is against the law and they must be recycled.

Once again I face possible criminal charges.