the paradox of warm chills

The current weather forecast is something like: “Lows in the mid 30’s with highs hitting around 60”. You would think that it’s not the best weather for a quick hike on a mountain trail. And you would be wrong. Hold on there, them’s fightin’ words fer sure! Sometimes the cold spurs you on, keeping the blood from freezing or getting frostbite etc.

And you can always wear a few pairs of socks, a double jacket, warm pants and simple toasty gloves with a hat to match that keeps your head warm. Keeping the sun to your right on the way forward, to your left on the return, can also help to prevent icicles from forming and slowing you down.

But what if, just what if there was something more than sun, more than the warmth of a cozy mountain parka? More than gloves and a hat? And what if this “something” could warm you from the inside out? What if that warmth put out more therms than a toasty fireplace on a frosty winters eve? Is there such a something?

There is. And you would see this from miles away. It’s almost supernatural with the way it makes you forget it’s cold. Powerful beyond your wildest thoughts and dreams. Warmer than the surface of a star. Something so simple and true, the darkest evening wouldn’t stand a chance. Just what is this amazing and incredible “something”?

The beautiful smile of another person.


puppy day!


the little things

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  1. the beautiful soul of another person

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