Today. Is. Puppy. day. Yay!.

All these questions I have! Will I feed her good? Will I take care of her when she’s sick? Will I teach her not to buy anything from door to door salespeople and not to turn on my computer and email her cousins or shop amazon for biscuits? I have more questions than answers at the moment.

Personal questions: am I taking on too much responsibility, given that I may no longer be a California resident soon? Can I integrate her safely with my existing entourage of geriatric critters? And most importantly, does she like watching the updated Netflix series, “Lost in Space”?

I sit while drinking a special coffee blend, eating a piece of sourdough toast with sauerkraut on top (among other toppings as well) while savoring a ChoZero bar, thinking, “why”?

Have I lost my mind? Does the sun rise or the earth spin? Will Walmart ever carry ChoZero? Do cannibals use toothpicks after eating their best friends? Long ago I would have thrown caution to the wind and jumped right into a new member of the family. Instead, being the cautious worry toad that I am, I spent about 60 seconds before jumping in while I contemplated the above meanderings.

With all the worry and doubts I have about this, the frantic pacing back and forth, to and fro, with my mind racing faster than a formula one speedster, I realize something huge. Something I said in an earlier post. That something clears all the cobwebs and doubts from my confused and cluttered brain. The answer is because…

…because I have faith.