The little things can be big things in life. There’s an old joke that goes something like this:

How much dirt is there in a hole 3ft wide by 3ft long by 3ft deep?

Yo, there’s no dirt in a hole.

Trying hard to understand life with all the implications and unknowable outcomes can fry even the largest of brains. Think of the missing dirt as a life that’s been lived. As there’s no dirt in the hole, since it’s already been dug, the obvious retort would be “well, fill it back up then…” or “dig another one”. And that brings us to today’s post.

I used to get tired. I mean really tired. So tired I would fall asleep next to my girl while watching a blockbuster movie. I know, some of you are saying “what movie? It would depend on the movie CarlJ…” Really? (use to be me saying that…LOL) Fast forward to now, or yesterday evening to be exact, I was enjoying some scrumptious homemade chili, a game of imagineIFF and some great company. As the evening progressed and most had left the building, I remained as the Last of the Mohicans. We talked for a bit, all while deciding which show/movie to watch on Roku.

Life can be complicated. So can picking out a show to watch. Over time it became apparent that no show was forthcoming or could compete with the intense discussions we were having:

“Do you really think that Marty Mcfly went back to the future in a Delorean?”

“Of course, but without the Delorean, time travel is impossible” I would say.

While the above dialog is fictional, the conversation moved around from topic to table, earth to sun, life to love. Because of the emotional impact of our words, the air was thick and syrupy. Breathing became difficult. Being the smartest person in Santa Clarita I said “How about a walk and talk?” (I am walking a fine line with the walk and talk statement. The smartest person is of course factual…)

By now, time, always the achiever, moved progressively onward. “CarlJ, it’s almost 1:30am” I was told. And here’s the kicker. I wasn’t tired. In. The. Least. Why you quietly ask? (well you didn’t , so I asked for you, before you could say you weren’t interested – as I’m very sensitive and it would hurt my feelings. A preemptive strike in a way…smile)

But even the best of evenings must come to an close. Time teaches us these truths. But wait! I still wasn’t tired. I would normally fall asleep without even knowing it! I’m not narcoleptic, just good at falling asleep. My body was changing. With all my focus on health the last few years, my internal clocks have been reset. Although if we had watched a show, I most probably would still be there, snoring away, while the neighbors called the cops about a bear attack in the house next to them. Eek! I am very loud now and then…

Upon arriving home, my newest member of the family, (I will post pictures later) was barking and chewing my arm in delight.

“Where were you? I needed a snack. The other dogs won’t play wiff me. The cat is aloof, I don’t even know what the word “ALUFF” means. Is it a cat bark? Like “Meow, Aluff!”

My mind was racing from the evenings discussions into the wee hours of the night. Sleep was not to come for quite some time.

The moral of this diatribe? Don’t change your diet and get healthy if you want to sleep at a decent hour…