Panspermia Hypothesis

In the link above which explains the hypothesis much better than say, uh, me – is something scholars have been debating since the dawn of, well, debating panspermia. Just what is it and can I get one from Pandera Bread?

Starting with the big bang, which is incredibly magical to the human mind,  the expansion that occurred may have had the beginnings of dna or LIFE particles needed to seed the forthcoming planets. The big question is “how did the dna travel throughout the universe?” Well, that question might be easier than asking how did the dna form in the first place.

Meteors have traveled through galaxies, solar systems and universes, since the dawn of time. Is it possible that meteors carried hitchhikers of dna which survived the almost nothingness of space, the heat of suns and re-entry to planets, the incredible temperatures, both hot and cold? If it did, there are thousands of meteors that came from mars, thousands that came from earth, possibly seeding mars and any planet they struck.

Would that mean that all planets in the universe carry some form of dna to be analyzed? Could that mean that the life that has evolved in the universe LOOKS LIKE US? OR US LIKE THEM?

I need my morning coffee now. Just saying…