I think it was the 4th of July…nah. I’m not in a park. Although I passed one earlier. That counts, right?  In fact, some parks have areas where you can enjoy walking on the many trails that traverse the various scenic and beautiful views of local flora and fauna. But that’s not what this post is about.


It’s about taking time for yourself just to relax and smell the coffee. If you drink coffee. I do. Don’t you. If you don’t,  don’t bother reading any further because, well because. Geesh, OK you can continue reading. That was a little harsh coming from me. But coffee? Come on! Especially with added mushroom powders offering medicinal support. Like for example: Reishi- excellent for breathing issues and supports the immune system.

Example: Chaga- supports your immune system and tastes pretty darn good in tea.

Example: Lions Mane- brain support! And tastes a little like lobster.

So there you have it. Saturday in the Park. Or not. Your choice.