Many years ago during the dark ages… well not that long ago, more like during my early recording days, I met this guy. His name was Stephen Wolfe Smith. He was an actor and a singer. At least that was my interaction with him.

I was writing songs at a breakneck speed and really not able to sing most of them as they weren’t in my vocal range. I asked Stephen if he would sing a few of my tunes. And so began a pretty interesting 3 tune adventure.

However, there was one of my tunes that didn’t haven’t any lyrics, although the melody line and song title, chorus etc, I had already written. Rough for sure, but it was there.

Stephen asked how would I feel if he wrote some lyrics to my tune “Always Love Me”.

I thought it was a great idea. While there is another story related to me and Stephen, which I’m not getting into here, what he came up with was a very emotional story that fit so well with my music – I was amazed.

Sadly, he passed away shortly after, in his prime, and it wasn’t until a few years later I would learn he wrote the lyrics for his lover. Which explains the depth I could feel as he was singing during the recording session.

Fast forward almost 30 years. I dusted off the cobwebs and thought, “this would make a nice lyric video”

I found some wonderful public domain images to use and put this together tonight. Since this is my first attempt at making a lyric video, go easy on me…(smile)

I may polish it a bit more – or not. In the meantime take a listen. Hope you enjoy it…