So the other day a friend was over while I was nuking a red potato to mash up. He told me with enthusiasm that microwaves completely changed the structure of potatoes. Which in turn made them dangerous to eat. I looked at him like my dog looks at me when I’m on the phone. My Chupacabra (huge Malinois) turns her head slightly left or right when she hears a familiar person coming out the speaker.

WTF? During the explanation of the microwave danger of potatoes, the timer rang, signifying the cycle was done. Removing the very hot potato (pun!) I started prepping it for the short journey to my stomach. Which is to say, I mashed it, added Miyiko Butter, salt and pepper with some freshly roasted garlic, mashed and mixed into the simmering red potato.

I handed a forkful to my friend to try, wondering if he would keel over after taking a bite – OR NOT. Either way I had my finger on the phone ready to call 911 (uh, nope…) just in case (of what?) the newly changed potato molecules would proceed to decimate the human body at warp speed.

Well, nothing happened (go figure) and the response was “quite good! Yep, Disaster averted from the evil nuking microwave. There are some foods that change for the worse (becoming inedible) like chicken when overnuked ending up with a rubbery elastic texture, grapes that explode and CD’s that display patterns/pulses of lightning across the surface for a 5 to 10 second exposure. (Technically not a food) Please be careful if you put a CD inside your microwave. You could destroy the microwave and also start a fire. But the CD sure is purdy a few seconds.There’s that.

So, are microwaved potatoes now dangerous to eat after being nuked? Nah. In fact they can be quite tasty. As my friend found out from a forkful.