As I sit here…

Typing away, wondering if I’m the child my parents thought I would be, although in honesty, that thought is fleeting for I care more about reading the next book in the Betwixt series by Darynda Jones. Would I care more if either parent were still alive? And would we still be talking, visiting, enjoying evenings together? I doubt that these questions have presentable answers that might make sense. In one great insight, I am the result of my parents attempt to raise a child that was able to leave the nest, grow into a man (debatable) and carve a niche in the world around him. Perhaps that’s all that matters.

But the shocker is my parents didn’t raise me. Or really even try. They were too busy having meltdowns of their own flavors to care much for us kids. Yes, I have brothers and sisters, although I only count my sisters among the living now. Long story there with no real ending as well. Perhaps another time?

Currently, the RNC and DNC are having/had their online conventions – each trying to outdo the other. “They are liars and cheats” one would say… “No, THEY are the liars and cheats” the other party would respond. While I didn’t watch any of it live, I was able to watch the recorded conventions while snacking on lupini beans (yummy!) and drinking iced tea. Does that factor into this somehow? You betcha! State of mind. I was happy crunching away and therefor more inclined to be less critical. Starting with the completely unbiased search I did on google “night 2 of the dnc” compared to “night 2 of the rnc”.

When I searched for “night 2 of the dnc”, I got how amazing Biden was/is and how well the online convention was proceeding. Totally unbiased search results. Uh, right…(sarc)

When I searched for “night 2 of the rnc” on google, well, what a crock of turtle poo. Ruined my easy going attitude almost immediately. The search returned how everyone was lying, and fact check was needed on Trump and all supporting speakers – and the American public was being used for devious plans by the rnc etc. Trump Derangement Syndrome was in full swing. So, why did the “dnc” search result in glowing beautiful pages to read and the “rnc” result in spiteful, negative reactions across the board? Hmmm…

Absolutely unbiased search results, right? (TOTAL SARCASM)

So, I figured it was time to hear everything from the horses mouth. I watched both nights hoping to understand the algorithm that google was using to display the “rnc” search vs. the “dnc”.

The dnc spent almost every moment in what appeared to be a hatred of America. An intense dislike of everything American and also Trump. Along with removing “god” from places that are part of the history of this great country! From supporting the BLM movement, the riots, de-funding the police, the constant fear mongering about covid cases etc, there didn’t seem to be one positive original thought I could latch onto. Mostly negative and painting America in a bad light.

In contrast, the rnc spent time reinforcing America as a great country, it’s citizens amazing people who help each other in troubled times. Some speakers spoke with their truth, others with emotional reverence, but one thing was clear, “god” was not being removed from speeches to not offend some faction of the American public. How utterly refreshing! Uplifting as well. As I watched the rnc convention, I was humbled. You couldn’t watch it and NOT come away with a sense of pride and hope for America.

So, where does that leave this child of parents who never really raised me, shaped me and helped me to form my current views of the world?

I started reflecting on my problems and what they meant. My sisters, my friends, my neighbors etc… was I alone in the world (yep) and did it matter? And were our lives guided by an external force or are they just reflections that trickle down from decisions made thousands of miles away?

I decided to sleep on it for now (smile) as my head was exploding from the bias presented by google, a company that I had previously respected, admired even. Was I naive to even entertain the idea they would be fair? And how can companies be fair when they are also reflections of those who run them?

So I say, meh.

P.S. you weren’t really thinking I was going to say something clever, were you?