Well, I never. Of course I have said that many times before. But this time I mean it. Or not. Wishy washy guy. Oh well.

I have been searching through old tapes and photo boxes. Somehow, new items to post keep popping up. Maybe if I stopped searching this madness would stop. But what’s the fun in that? SO, possibly at the end of this month, or beginning of next month, there will be more stuff added. Yay!

One item of interest is the photo of Old Hologram on theĀ Blast From The Past page, also on the top of this page. The members are left to right: Carl Jasper Hoffman, Jeff DeYoung, Win Meyerson, Ken Ferrante. I had forgotten about Win briefly playing with us. Jeff DeYoung believes he was in a band called “The Dark” at the time as well. I looked him up and he is doing quite well! You can check out his site here: Win Meyerson

It’s nice to see how some people have gone on to wonderful careers and contribute good music along the way. I mostly play music for my critters. They seem to love it and even sing along now and again. I know what you’re thinking. I should record it and post a few tunes here with them singing along. But I can’t do that to you. The magic and amazing wonderfulness would hypnotize you into a state of compliance. You would only be able to listen to this music and nothing else. Forever. So you see, I’m doing you a favor…

Found a couple of these, pictures of a band Doug Goodwin was in. Doug was my keyboardist in URONE and also makes a few appearances in Old Videos Found. He’s on the right in what looks like a blue suit. Yep. Without him, there was no band in my humble opinion. He was the best part of it. I’m sure the other members would argue with me but I have opinions. I believe in treating people the way they treat me. Be truthful, honest, have integrity and bring me ice cream (sugar free) and I will be a pal for life! (smile)

See you back here soon. Got a Klondike bar calling my name…

Doug’s Band “Solid State”