Should I start at the beginning? Or continue from where I left off? Decisions decisions. Such is life. I’ll start in the middle then.

A long time ago there was a group of like-minded people who loved playing music. Not just on a record player, but with musical instruments as well. They were friends from high school, various parties and a friend of a friend. Sometimes they created, other times they destroyed. Not intentionally of course. It just worked out that way. Along the way they were fortunate enough to record some of the tunes they worked on together. Not always great not always bad. They are what they are. 

So I created a page on this website to showcase these dinosaur tunes. Just for historical reference as these tunes appear no where else in the world, that I know of. Most of the musicians have moved away, a few have passed and some just moved on to other aspects of life, family, children.

You can get there from the home page or use the link below:

Dinosaur Rock!

So, fasten your seatbelts for a reverse trip into the past – 35-45 years ago.