Ok, so I was watching some music videos that were just awful on YouTube. Not to say my videos are great (which they are) but these were pro releases with big bucks behind them. I wondered if I was the only one who thought that way.

I watched a few helpful videos about how to repair certain amplifiers which were great. Some were an outright waste of time. Then I remembered, “hey stupid, check the likes dislikes right below the video” And to make a short story longer, I did just that.

Where in the heck have I been? Under a rock, in a cave, The Sahara Desert? Yup, there’s a dislike button right next to the like button showing ZERO totals or counts. The like button was showing positive likes. But where did the “dislike” count go? It was time for some quick research and also to find a way to uncover the “dislikes” totals.

Sure enough, YouTube decided to stop displaying the dislikes saying it was unfairly targeting the creators. Well, that’s the point I would think. If a content creator made crappy videos and the public pointed this out using the dislike button, perhaps they would learn from this and make better content. Or not.

But YouTube said the creators were being ganged up on by groups maliciously targeting their videos. Well, guess what? That’s part of putting yourself and content in the public eye. Expected. And if your content is controversial, what would you expect? Every person in the world to bow down and respect you and your opinions?

Crocodile tears are crap. YouTube removing the totals is absolute crap and creates more problems than it solves. But hey, I’m just one person in the Universe that believes that. There may be others, there may be some that think I’m full of crap. But I’m old enough to remember a time when speech was free and information available in troves. Now with YouTube censoring conservatives and anyone who goes against the current government, along with twitter and google (who I admired until I found out they were censoring any speech that they didn’t agree with bt those in charge)

Imagine my surprise when I found out that I wasn’t alone! There are millions, yes millions of people who hated the change. Voices carry. And some clever programmers figured out a way (maybe temporary) to put those totals back.  A simple plugin that you can add to your browser. YES! It works. Just finished trying the extension in my chrome based browser “Vivaldi’.

What a difference it has made! I can now avoid the crap videos and also see how many are with me on current events.

Here’s the link for chrome users (all browsers based on chrome should be able to install it) Click the link below for firefox etc.


Click here for other browsers

While I could write a book of what big tech is doing to change the freedom and voices of all people on planet earth – I won’t because we live it everyday. If you can’t see it, you may never see it. It’s like the people that wear a mask in their cars as they drive alone. Nuff said.