Yup, a short story, that may or may not be true. Although I will have a notary public come by later to authenticate my fabrication of the facts. And why would I, who has never been a professional writer, call upon another to justify the words being tossed about like flies around a picnic? Wish I knew and if I did, I would tell everyone. Until then, this story starts like all the other stories in the world (at least the ones that are true…)

Once upon a time, there lived a bread maker. He would spend the entire day, well, at least during winters long – long evenings, wondering how the world ever existed without bread. At the time he was contemplating the aforementioned, he had never heard of celiac disease or other afflictions which, unknown to him and perhaps many others, caused a “snippet” in time. Much akin to a bout of hiccups or giggles that seemed to never end. 

There is so much I don’t know about the universe” he said, almost silently, while wishing for an answer. “Perhaps I shouldn’t wonder so much” he thought out loud. Although thinking out loud was the same as talking, the distinction never quite rang a bell. “If I could only live for one thing and one thing only, it would be heavenly bread. Perhaps sourdough or homemade melon bread“, he cried hoping there were others in close earshot of his musings. 

 Without pausing for an answer, he looked down, noticing a package, a clear cellophane package with a twine twist wrap to seal in the aromatic flavors contained within.  “Excuse me, did someone leave this here?” while slowly turning in a circle, scanning the faces of those nearby.

 The “snippet” in time was now a moment to be reckoned with. For inside the clear cellophane wrapper was twelve homemade chocolate chip cookies. Definitely not sourdough bread or even focaccia.  Certainly this was not the one thing he lived for or spent his days contemplating about. 

Reaching down he picked up the twelve chocolate chip cookies wrapped in cellophane to examine the intricate twine twist wrap holding the package together.  “Hmm…” he thought. “Not sourdough. Something else entirely. But what? Dare I unwrap this carefully tied twine to explore the contents?” he mused.

Of course there was no turning back now, so without any fanfare he unwrapped the cookies. Coming from the center was an aroma that couldn’t be denied! Amazing, with hints of floral yet sweet with temptations of love carefully bundled. At first, he could not believe it smelled almost better than his precious sourdough heavenly bread. Almost he thought. Before passing judgment, maybe taking a small nibble or bite would help determine the nature of this “snippet” in time.

Almost immediately, he was smitten with pleasure beyond words. The chocolate chip cookies, which were homemade, rivaled the best the universe had to offer. 

His world had been turned upside down. For previously, the reason to exist was for sourdough bread. Now, there was another reason to exist. Who knew? Perhaps the cookie maker knew? Or the “snippet”?  

To prevent himself from going utterly insane, now that he knew that sourdough bread  had not cornered the market or tamed the universe, he came up with a reason why. A reason why the two could exist together without destroying the fabric of time or galaxies.

Just because.