So, while cleaning this morning I found an old video we made called “The Perfect Dive” many years ago. Around 1993 or so. This copy is not the best but hey, I at least found it.

The story, after you get through the shameful opening salvo of teasers and plugs for other projects we did, starts with Wilgert, the hero of our story, lost in a dream hoping for the PERFECT DIVE. Along the way, we encounter Pumpkin, his beautiful¬† gutter cleaning nagging wife along with many other interesting characters. It’s about a 17 minute watch. Of course I narrated/wrote the music except where noted/ and also starred in various scenes as well. At the very end there are some hilarious outtakes as well.

Yes, we had way too much time on hands in the 1990’s. Still, I kinda miss those creative days.

Hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, just drop a reply below. I can take it. But be sure to leave your address and when you’re not home…(sneaky grin)