Pot luck. You probably thought I was going to say something else, right? A few nights ago I went to a pot luck dinner. The food was great, the company fabulous and the atmosphere festive. I was having a great time until I noticed there was no garlic anywhere. In fact, all the mirrors had been removed. And the steak was a little bloody. Can you say “vampires”?

Some people say I have an over-active imagination. I say maybe, or perhaps not. Even if my imagination was a little wacky, it’s hard to ignore the facts. So, I asked the second person I was introduced too.

“Hi, very nice to meet you…ARE YOU A VAMPIRE?” I said not being the kind of person that holds things inside.

“Uh, you’re the second person that’s asked me this evening!”

WOW! There was someone else at the pot luck with the same thought as me. I spent the rest of the evening trying to find this mysterious party goer. I learned my lesson though. Always come prepared with one or two contingencies in case you come face to face with a vampire at a pot luck