The weekend is upon us. Or just me. I have been calling my neighbor to help load the old fridge on my truck to bring to the Salvation Army. You would think with “army” in the name they would be able to send someone over to pick it up. But no. Not to be. To be not is the answer. The old fridge works great! But the new one? Can you say FABULOUS? I can. Loving the new fridge.

I donate for tax writeoffs and sometimes because I believe another person could get some use out of my orphans. We have become the title of this post, although my thoughts have recently turned to selling instead. And why not? Lets take the following example:

Fridge over 19 years old. With water and ice dispencer in door. Original cost $750.

Donated: $100 dollar writeoff. For a tax reduction of maybe $25 dollars.

Selling: $50 dollars to private party. An increase of $50 in my pocket!

Giving away: This is the best option. You know it’s going to get used. Plus they can haul it away. Donating big items as I have discovered requires bringing the items to the donation center.

By donating, I also clear out the cobwebs of my accumulated junk from my garage and house. Where did all this stuff come from? And why? I don’t have the answers but I have a sure fire solution for some items.