So, about a week or two ago, I was hiking with my faithful companion, the Chupacabra, when I realized that a telephone pole on my hiking path was NOT CONNECTED TO…anything! Scary, spooky and you guessed it, very Night Gallery-ish.

I remember this episode where the phone keeps ringing and when answered, a voice from beyond the grave would speak. The phone lines had been damaged in a storm and one of the telephone wires had landed on a  grave.

A great commercial for phone service! I looked to see if there were anymore poles in the vicinity. Nope. Just this one all by itself. Why was there a telephone pole connected to nothing in the middle of my hike?

The answer was not forthcoming. Was it even worth the time to contemplate? Nah. My Chupacabra thought is was strange too! Since there were no headstones I could see or unearth, I moved on. Still, brought up a memory from long ago…