So, for quite some time I’ve been making water kefir. Got my first grains from a friend. I also had very little firsthand knowledge on how to make a batch. Heck, other then making sauerkraut, I was a babe in the woods. Without fear I started my first batch.

It was amazing! Almost like it was designed to be trouble free. Like butter! Well, like kefir! After a few batches I began to feel like an old pro. Until, I got busy doing projects and life’s curves were thrown my way. So, the kefir grains became ignored. 

When I finally came back to continue the great kefir experiment, they were languishing and ignoring all my attempts to help them recover. But eventually they did. Just took some time and love plus caring. Yup. The little critters needed  vocal encouragement, which I gave them. Makes me happy because I’m back to drinking the bittersweet brew. What’s strange is I always feel a little body load whenever I drink a cup or two.

I also added an “Orphans” page where I’ll be posting tunes that most likely would never see the light of day. Check the top menu for it. From time to time I’ll be adding more that I find. 

Have a great week!