So, I found another 30 year old mix of a tune that Chuck Mills and I recorded almost 30 years ago.

A lovely ballad called “Kickstart” with Chuck singing lead, me background and guitars. After I found the 8trk tape, which only had vocals and guitars on it, I searched high and low for an old midi file with the keyboards/drums and bass. I looked for a few days checking all the NAS files and old computers I have scattered about my studio.

Yep! I found an old file. Now the task was converting it to a newer format that my main recording software would understand. 

But it wasn’t going to be that easy. The original software I used called “Trax” was damaged and no longer worked. I was sure I had the original disks somewhere in storage. Fortunately, I found an old floppy disk that was working and transferred the file to my system. Loaded up “kickstart” and exported it as a standard midi file. 

With the main transfer and conversion behind me, I started the process of fixing all the notes, selecting drums and keyboards, bass and a few misc sounds to round out the tune. Also, the entire end was missing, which could mean the file I had was an unfinished version. I wasn’t going to keep looking as the tune is really a simple ballad and easy to recreate if needed. But, I had enough to work with and shortly had a working version.

After a few mixes,  I documented all my settings, saved everything and mixed a couple of takes. For now, I uploaded the second mix called remix1 which is really the second mix. Oh well, Someday I will learn how to count.

For now, you can find it here:

Blast From The Past
Scroll down to number 11.

and here:



I love this tune and so does Chuck. Although I haven’t been able to locate him for years now.  If you know where he is, drop me a note. 

Until then, enjoy.