Most people think of gardens as various plants, trees, bushes and the occasional water fountain. And they would be spot on. But today, a wonderful journey took me to a magical land, neither here nor there. Everywhere. Yes, I’m talking about “Fairyland”.

A place where elves roam and leprechauns dance, where castles of ceramic and leaves of gold proudly prance! Hope begins and grows, taunting the doubters to say otherwise. And if they doubt, their bellies will grow, a tail will sprout and no witches spells can remove the curse. So, there’s that.

While on the way to work today, I stopped at Hope Fairyland Gardens. Where only the invited are allowed to witness the hard working fairies complete mysterious tasks – while spreading love to all.

I secretly photographed the fairies in various poses after first asking if it was OK. I know, not so secret. But hey, it’s my story.

The Fairies were being mischievous in the last photo I took. They placed a rainbow on the photo where there was none beforehand. Tricksters they are and quite magical as well.