So, today, I went downtown to a freedom rally. Yep. It’s time to open IcontrolyouFornia by the self appointed Demi gods of the economy. Newsom and Garcetti. The latter wants LA locked down until he permits the city to re-open. The former wants to keep everyone running in circles. I personally think it’s to try and damage Trumps re-election chances. Others believe it’s because they are idiots and have no idea what to do. Perhaps it’s both, hmmm?

Quote: “Domestic violence, child abuse, suicide, unemployment rates are skyrocketing. The elderly are STILL in isolation. People are not able to bury their loved ones properly. People with depression are struggling”

The list goes on. There hasn’t been a fraud this large perpetuated on the America public since “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. Look how that ended. We lost our medical freedoms. For what? Homeless people that are still not insured? Costs still trending up and health plummeting?

We have Bill Gates who is not a doctor allowed to speak and real doctors censored on youtube, facebook and twitter who disagree with the current lockdown. But hey, billionaire, right?

Well, I enjoyed going to today’s rally. I showed my support just by being there. Snapped a few pictures and a short video as well. While the turnout wasn’t as large as the last rally, mostly because I believe it’s a three day weekend and families were probably getting together etc, it was in the 1,000’s.

Video and pics below.