These are only a few of the articles taken from the media over a span of time. Not all are current. But the point remains the same. What has been done to America and the world over the coronavirus, is a tragedy of epic proportions. The naysayers who scream at me for not wearing a mask are counted among those who continue to perpetuate this fraud. While there is a real virus, there isn’t a pandemic.

Because I am not wearing a mask doesn’t mean someone’s grandmother will die. Or even you reading this post. I support your right to wear a mask, stay-at-home (which is at best an illegal order) to not visit businesses or hike in the mountains of your state. When you tread on my rights as a human being on planet earth, that’s when I get kinda worked up.

IcontrolyouFornia’s state governor and the mayor of Los Angeles have repeatedly made decisions to destroy the businesses and lives of hard working citizens. I am a democrat, to be clear. Although I don’t think that will be the case in future elections. I realize now that liberty and basic freedom has been given away over the years with the promise of government security and protection.

I said I was not going to post anything about the virus or my views on how it was being handled. And while there are literally millions of people out of work, stores being shuttered, states arresting people for trying to save their homes, businesses, put food on the table and so much more, I finally caved. This will be my only post about about the fake government virus pandemic to destroy our economy.

We are first told to “flatten the curve“, then we can go back to our normal lives again. Now we are told to “stop the spread” and then it will be safe to return. Lately it’s been “until everyone in America is vaccinated” – only then, will we be safe. The goalpost mysteriously keeps moving as we, the people take the fallout. Now it’s, “the second wave is coming“. We must stay-at-home and destroy everyone’s life until the second waves passes.

The problem I see with vaccination: who does COVID-19 kill? The elderly.

Who does not respond well to vaccination?: the elderly.

I stand with America. Not the democratic governors with overbearing god complexes. Stay strong.