Well, my cat has taken quite fondly to her new condo. I put it on the bed a few weeks ago since I destroyed her under the bed resting place. While I was hoping she would like it, I never realized how much.

The other day I walked in and there was an offer in earnest for quite a bit. Some kibble, a few cookies, a dead bug or two, along with some major fur balls, just waiting for my signature to release the condo to her. Frankly, what she didn’t know is it was already hers. A gift. One for her to cherish until she no longer required one. Since it faces the front window, she has a vantage point, almost magical I would imagine to her.

I signed the agreement anyways, made a big show of sealing the deal with a few treats as well – then moved on to more important things. Like, when was she going to catch a rodent? A moth? Any critter that didn’t belong in the house? Too many questions without any forthcoming answers. Oh well. Perhaps my expectations are too high?

My newest pup (getting bigger everyday) stares at her when I’m getting their morning breakfast. The cat is getting braver as well. Coming almost into the kitchen – less than 10 feet from the monster Malinois. Sometimes, she get chased back into the room with the condo. When she does, a minute later she’s back out and once again about 10 feet away. Small brain? Or as I like to think, they have all grown fond of one another with their various ways of making it known.

Where can you find cat condos – you ask? Why that’s an easy one – in a cat-alogue.