The other day I went to the gun range. Yep. But not to shoot guns this time. Arrows. Lot’s of them. It was hailing arrows left and right, up and down. Just you and the target. An almost zen like mystical moment. From the time you nock the arrow, to a flick of the finger as the arrow soars through the air at up to 200 mph, you’re taking deep slow breaths, gazing along the sight, keeping the bubble level, silently estimating the wind and curvature of the earth before the tip reaches it’s intended destination.

OK. Maybe not the curvature of the earth, but that’s kinda poetic, huh? I mean, what better way to focus your mind and body then becoming one with your body, like a shaolin monk? Harnessing your chi, using your senses in a symphony of coordinated movements, all designed to bring an arrow to it’s intended destination. Of course this is after I was told to stop shooting the walking people. Who knew moving targets were off the menu? They did, I guess.

I was still determined to have fun in spite of the rules above. My chi was brimming with energy, waiting to be released. Instead of going on and on as some say, I will show you. One of me just about to release the arrow using a compound bow. Another with an almost perfect grouping. All this, after having one cup of mushroom coffee. Kinda makes you think differently about having a morning cuppa, eh?

A nice day spent with good friends. And praying they didn’t pick up on my bad habit of shooting walking objects. Until then…