What makes something certain? Is it hope? Or love? Perhaps an exchange of ideas can be considered a “certainty”.

What if you somehow knew that winning this weeks lotto was for certain. Would you play? Of course I would, mamma didn’t raise no dummy.

There are many paths ahead of me. And I always thought that when using the phrase ” for certain” or “certainly” the signals being sent to another person were clear cut and understandable. But now I’m not so sure. And certain seems kind of uncertain.

People are different. Yep, I’m a late bloomer and am just noticing that girls are not men. They are also “certainly” different when it comes to talking about relationships.

My personal experiences usually consist of listening, digesting and understanding about a week or two later on. Why? Was I born with the trait “uncertain” cursing through my blood? I’ve also discovered that certain comes with a built-in uncertainty clause.

I have been learning to recognize my emotions/instincts which hopefully will help me build better friendships, longer lasting relationships. I’m certainly finding out it takes more then certainty to build strong foundations. Sometimes a little uncertainty goes a long way to making them stronger.