I’m addicted. Let’s take that word apart to discover the hidden meanings contained inside. “ADD” of course we all recognize that word. “Attention Deficit Disorder”.  The DSM-5 which is the bible of psychiatric disorders is no longer using this term. It’s now ADHD or “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”.  Which of course doesn’t work when inserted thus – “adhdicted”. I may not be a great speller but the above sure is wrong as is milking nuts. However, who decided to call nuts that have been pulverized in a blender and strained “milk”? Geesh. But that’s another story for another day.

And where do all the plastic bags go that the nuts come in? Hmmm? Oh, look, a plane just went by. At one time I thought we were being subjected to chemicals being dropped from government planes to experiment on the unsuspecting populace below. Chemtrails. Nasty stuff. I have a crystal on my desk at home that keeps me safe. Eh, maybe not. If you believe in that sort of stuff. I like mushroom coffee. A lot. Sometimes I make it without coffee! Cool huh?

Anyways, let’s take the second part of the word “ic”. That’s easy to interpret. It’s either integrated circuit which is an electronic chip used in manufacturing TV’s, computers etc…or it means “ewww” your boogers are hanging from the edge of your nose! One time, when I was out of town, I lost my phone. I think there may have been sun spots involved.

Ok, back to the last part of the word. “Ted”. Which is short for Teddy Bear. I have those. They were on my dresser until I remodeled recently. Now they’re in a box. Well, not a box, a storage container. Like the kind you get from Home Depot etc. It has a yellow top. Pretty cool looking.

Now that I’m looking at the title of this post, I’m wondering where that came from? I have a watch, you know the kind that pretends to check your blood pressure etc? And I’ve eaten chocolate. Many times in fact. Oh, the mailman is here! Oops, I slipped up! MAIL PERSON. Like fer sure, we are in PCFornia after all. (Politically Correct)

Lunchtime! Yeah. Thanks for checking in with me on the blog. I just got a call from my therapist who is telling me I broke something in the DSM-5. He said they’re thinking of adding a new term to the DSM-5. “CARL BRAIN SYNDROME” or CBS. Which would be weird because I use to watch shows on CBS when I was younger. Now they charge for a few new shows so I stopped watching.

Hope I don’t have to pay for breaking the new book…gotta run!