This was originally posted in a messenger group I belong to. On Thanksgiving, upon arriving home, my power had been shut off by SCE. Mostly because of the Santa Ana winds, which ended up being not so windy. I thought “why not write something whimsical about it?” So here’s all 4 chapters which I pieced together here. (smile)


The Days After the Great Power Outage of Thanksgiving 2020…

by Carl.

One Thanksgiving day, not so long ago in fact, was a day that will forever be remembered in perpetuity. A day filled with the potential for love, laughter and the American Dreams of Canyon Country.

Our story begins the morning of  Thanksgiving in which the hero of this fable was none other than Carl, the Prince of Canyon Country Kingdom.

“I proclaim this day as an American tradition”, said Carl the prince. “No naysayers can belittle thy neighbor into believing otherwise. Unless of course you’re from the planet Rzxpyk since they have no days at all, sadly”. Carl said.

This bright and cheery morning, Carl set off into the wilderness of asphalt, lights and wood plaster buildings, heading to his seesters place for a vegan brunch.

“Fair seester of mine, I have picked up the to-go order of Cashew Chykin, String-Bean Shrymp. Which coincidentally resembles neither.’ He said.

“Thank you my most amazing brother in the universe.’ She replied. ‘Perhaps we can begin to eat?”

Unknown to Carl the Prince, a nefarious plot to remove power from his kingdom was taking shape while he was away.

Part II of
The Days After the Great Power Outage of Thanksgiving 2020…


The Rzxpykians, which as we know, have no days. But do they have nights? We will probably never know since upon finding out we had 365 of them, the whole planet went completely insane and winked out of existence after being sucked into a singularity point or popularized, a black hole. Sadly.

The Prince, Sir Carl of Canyon Country Kingdom was now on his way back, after having vegan shrymp and chykin with his seester – which bore very little resemblance to either.

End recap.

What a beautiful day it is” declared the Prince. “To be able to share a meal with family is priceless. I’m going to rename this day – ShrympsGiving” he thought out loud.

Something wasn’t quite right as the Prince got closer to the castle called home. The Prince also wondered if corduroy pants would ever be in fashion again, to top things off.

“Why are the lights that guide the way home, unlit?” he thought. Carl, the most wonderful Prince in all of Canyon Country Kingdom was stymied. Belonging to the guild of detectives and having been hit on the head as a child with a radioactive steal frying pan, he had acquired some special powers enabling him to make various soups and also get to the bottom of some conundrums…

“I will discover the treachery behind this” he exclaimed just as he pulled up to the castle doors driving across the alligator filled moat, which of course everyone knows were fed from the same radioactive frying pan, giving them the power of ‘Sneakiness……..’

Part III of:

The Days after the Great Power Outage of Thanksgiving 2020…

(The Final Chapter in this two-part series)


The lights were unlit while arriving at Country Canyon Kingdom.

The memorial services for the planet Rzxpyk were cancelled Since there was no one left to attend. Sadly.

The alligators, having the power of “Sneakiness” were giving chase to the Prince’s vehicle. One had ripped through a rear tire and now the Prince was hobbling across the moat, albeit slowly.

End recap.

Egads!” said the Prince. “My rear has been deflated”, while laughing at himself as he had personally trained the alligators to do just that. But this potential setback was not going to deter him. For his mission was clear. To discover the treachery behind the power outage.

Amazingly, the Wonderful and Smart Prince had made a plan years ago during the Great Power Outage of “Last Summer I Know What You Did, Without Power

Which was to make a plan. A plan so simple that most were driven mad just thinking about it. “JIC” he called it or for those not versed in kingdom speech – ‘just in case’

The Prince, not one to mill about quickly began setting up his JIC plan. Which for the record did not include a BIC which was of course, a disposable lighter.

The Prince retrieved a generator from a storage shed and began the process of distributing electricity to the electrical appliances in the kingdom. And once his kingdom was electrified, there was only one thing left to do.

Part IV
The Days after the great Power Outage of Thanksgiving 2020…
(The end of this incorrectly named 2 part story)


Our Prince, Carl, has setup a generator to supply power to critical appliances in the Kingdom. He barely made it across the moat of ‘Sneakiness Alligators’ without becoming a tasty afternoon snack. And all without ketchup as the sneaky Gators mostly prefer hot sauce.

And a huge surprise was finding a lone survivor from the planet Rzxpyk. Apparently, the Rzxpykian had been on a solo mission to discover new life and civilizations throughout the Universe.

Rzxxies, a cult that started when the Rzxpykian returned, in their excitement,  accidentally caused the lone spacecraft to veer into the sun, thus ending the race once again. Which stopped the new memorial as there were no longer any surviving members of the species to attend. Sadly.

The Prince was getting very close to solving the power outage. But time was running out…

End Recap.

I have so many questions!” The Prince exclaimed. Recently he had been informed  that his math was faulty. That a 2 part story was simply that. Not 4 parts at all! But he wanted so desperately to get to the bottom of this mystery.

His questions were:

1. Who was responsible for turning off the power

2. How long would the generator last on one tankful of gas And finally…

3. Do butterflies really taste with their feet?

“Research’ he cried. ‘I will use some of the power being applied in the Kingdom to connect to the internet!’ With which he patted himself on the back and thus began the search in earnest.

As it turns out, SCE (Sorcery Created Energy) had shut down the power lines to prevent fires in Canyon Country Kingdom because of high winds from downed power lines sparking. Which would have been a noble undertaking if not for the fact they usually caused the fires as old connectors would arc and Spark as power was reapplied.

With the mystery solved, Carl the Incredible Prince of Canyon Country kingdom was relieved. He said on the Kingdoms public address system, “No evil plots here” he proclaimed. And with that last comforting thought, he drifted off to sleep, unknown to him he had left the microphone on and the entire kingdom could not sleep now – because of his snoring.

The End.