Since my archery adventures are shooting towards the stars, I have been scouring the internet like Leonard Nimoy from “In search of…” for additional add-ons and devices to help with my newfound passion. When I first watched Star Trek on a color tv in the early 60’s, I was impressed with Leonard Nimoy’s rendition of “Spock”. Plus with which, his knowledge and grasp of technology was attractive. While Kirk, played by William Shatner was the sexy, devil may care playboy of outer space, “Spock” was the brains.

I was drawn to the mystique of electronic marvels and gadgets that transcended the current level of scientific knowledge. Of course, secretly, the government had all these devices being built from the downed spacecraft at Area’s 50-52. Yep, even the area they don’t think we know about. Just saying. When the replicator first debuted on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and to be fair it had been written about by scifi authors for generations, the term “Replicator” was coined and made popular by Star Trek.

I was in awe. How was this possible? As a kid, it just was. Fact. This¬† “Replicator” existed. It wasn’t until I got much older that I learned our level of knowledge had not reached the point that was being portrayed by very believable actors. Still, I dreamed. Some of the devices used on Star Trek and other science fiction venues, are slowly coming to pass. For example, the “tricorder”. You can buy a handheld ultrasound for personal use. IN the works – are various health electronics that attach to your cell phone that give an instant diagnosis of your bodies various markers.¬† The list goes on.

I was slow to understand and finally get involved in 3D printing. The capabilities of a replicator, bring with it the promise of matter to energy transformations, where anything could be “replicated”, from food to additional parts for various repairs etc. 3D printers are a step in that direction. While searching the internet for an “arrow clip” that would hold my arrows in my bow case, I realized I could 3D print them, instead of buying. And also because my search was turning up very few options. I wondered if I could make them on my 3D printer? Perhaps, instead of reinventing the wheel, maybe someone already had.

YES! Someone had and they were just what the doctor from Star Trek prescribed. “I’m a doctor, not an engineer” Bones would say to Kirk. I downloaded the files, hooked up my printer and after a few misfires, got started on another adventure into the future of home repair. Why buy common items when you can make them at home? Of course there always be companies that form to sell you the files for a price. And there will always be those that design and make stuff, just because. For now I am using “thingverse” Website which has freely downloadable printer objects. Some are very useful and others are very specific. Instead of spending hours and days designing an arrow clip, I found one made by a fellow archery enthusiast. Here’s my printer and one of the clips I printed below.

Simply amazing…