AKA Scamdemic. I’ve had enough. The bullshit we’re being put through and enduring is a crime. One that most likely may go unpunished. First a history lesson: (excerpts from WebMD)

Influenza pandemics have struck about three times every century since the 1500s, or roughly every 10-50 years. There was one in 1957-1958 and one in 1968-1969. The most infamous pandemic flu of the 20th century, however, was that of 1918-1919. An estimated 40 million people died in less than a year, and what made it so different from seasonal flu epidemics is that it killed primarily young people, those aged 20-45.

What is the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?

The CDC’s definition of a flu epidemic relates to the percentage of deaths in a given week caused by influenza and pneumonia. The “epidemic threshold” is a certain percentage above what is considered normal for that period. The normal level, or baseline, is statistically determined based on data from past flu seasons.

There are two main features of an influenza pandemic. First, the virus is a new strain that has never infected people before. Second, it’s on a global scale. Sometimes it’s also unusually deadly.

So, the big question. Are we experiencing a pandemic? The answer is yes and no. Certainly, the virus is worldwide. Unlike influenza epidemics which are worldwide. Get the hypocrisy yet? And Covid is killing mostly the old/infirm, rarely young children – mostly those with existing conditions unlike influenza: (sarcasm)

Seasonal flu epidemics may sicken millions, but those who die are typically a small number of the elderly, very young children, and people with weak immune systems. That’s not the case during the worst influenza pandemics.

While I personally don’t want anyone to get sick or die from any disease, we live in an age where they still exist. Perhaps the future will eradicate all illnesses. But for now they are here to stay. Does covid live up to killing 40 million worldwide? No. Does it stay within the ranges of periodic influenza epidemics? Yes. Currently as of this posting, in the U.S. it’s around 150k total deaths.

us_covid-19_death_toll_is_inflated (opens in new tab)

With a large percentage being those in convalescent homes and those with existing conditions. Which in a few cases the governors of certain states caused by forcing convalescent homes to take infected patients that were being treated in hospitals to make room for the millions of patients that never arrived. What were they thinking?

But not the point of this post. I can continue with all the absolutely stupid health regulations such as: Wear a mask in public, in your car, walking to a restaurant (here’s where it gets tricky…) but inside the restaurant, there’s no chance you can get infected – remove your mask, everyone at one table, it’s OK.

OR: you can’t go to a local business where there’s only a few people at any given moment, in fact they must be shut down completely! But we’re told that if we all go to Walmart (millions of us?) or Target (again millions?) it’s OK, we’ll be safe. And it’s millions because of everyone that went there before you did. Get it yet?

My absolute favorite: This is a smart virus. It knows to hide during a riot to protect itself so everyone doesn’t have to wear a mask.

The point of this post is the other day I was walking down a major street in Los Angeles, without a mask on (it was in my pocket) and there was only one other person within 2 blocks of me walking in the opposite direction – as he strolled by me he said “Wear your mask Fucker, You’re killing my Grandmother” or something like that. I stopped listening at “Fucker”

I turned and said, “Fucker? You’re the problem. You’re why all my friends continue to loose their jobs and businesses are being closed. Fuck You”

He of course, being twice my size with muscles to boot said “I’m going to teach you a lesson, blah blah blah” and he turned and started towards me. I gotta tell you, I was ready regardless of the outcome. In my defense, I kept walking to my destination. He eventually thought better of it, continuing to shout obscenities at me.

In hindsight, I don’t hate the guy for being an idiot and uninformed plus brainwashed. This whole covid mess has everyone on edge. Chances are you know someone who lost their job or a favorite shop that closed down the street. He was wrong to call me out. I am not killing anyones grandmother or even you from reading this post. We do not have millions dead in the U.S. – if we do I will be one of the first to admit I was wrong. For now, nah. Between the Frontline doctors being banned from telling the media how to treat the virus successfully, the MSM telling everyone about the new cases being added everyday (which means nothing by the way) the liberal left has sunk to a new low.

Stay safe. When I am hiking in the mountains and see someone wearing a mask, I am saddened. So by all means, follow the rules and stay away from them. And by that I mean 6 feet away so you don’t catch stupid.

David Horowitz pretty much sums it all –


I love the end of this post…

…as Henry David Thoreau said: “Think for yourself, or others will think for you without thinking of you.”